Hinduism is the Only Dharma

Hinduism is the Only Dharma in this multiverse comprising of Science & Quantum Physics.

Josh Schrei helped me understand G-O-D (Generator-Operator-Destroyer) concept of the divine that is so pervasive in the Vedic tradition/experience. Quantum Theology by Diarmuid O'Murchu and Josh Schrei article compliments the spiritual implications of the new physics. Thanks so much Josh Schrei.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Sri Lakshmi Paduka Yantra

The Sri Lakshmi Paduka Yantra
"The Sri Lakshmi Paduka Yantra was created in honour of Lakshmi, the
Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. In
the Mahabharata, Maha Lakshmi personifies wealth, charm, beauty, grace,
loveliness, and splendour. The Paduka (sandals) represent the divine
feet of the goddess." ~ Title: Shri Maha Lakshmi Paduka ~

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