Hinduism is the Only Dharma

Hinduism is the Only Dharma in this multiverse comprising of Science & Quantum Physics.

Josh Schrei helped me understand G-O-D (Generator-Operator-Destroyer) concept of the divine that is so pervasive in the Vedic tradition/experience. Quantum Theology by Diarmuid O'Murchu and Josh Schrei article compliments the spiritual implications of the new physics. Thanks so much Josh Schrei.

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Dhanyabad from Anil Kumar Mahajan


Sunday, October 31, 2010



Universal harmony, Unity of Consciousness and Love.

"This world is one family" (Vasudhaiva Kutumbaka) and
"The Universal Reality is the same, but different people can call it by different names" (Ekam Sat Viprah Bahuda Vadanti)--

--In these proclamations made thousands of years ago in ancient Vedic scriptures, we see the seeds of globalism and freedom of thought, years before the world was to become the global village of today.

Hence the true essence of India is not confined to its geographical boundary, it extends to the whole world at large. That's why India is not just a country. It is a "Living Essence" and a symbol of that unity, guided by the sum total of human wisdom that is not considered to be embodied in one person, or one book, or one period of human history. It is timeless. It is universal.

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