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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

GameChanging global Housing Transaction Space

Cheeta Srijan 003
Hi folks,

Good day to you!

I have developed *an Ultimate  Real Estate Transaction Space* that will Radically change the way things happen in the housing segment and believe me,  the transition from an IMPOSSIBLE ONLINE TRANSACTION to *a SIMPLE, CONVENIENT, SAFE, DEPENDABLE* ONLINE RETAIL BUYING & SELLING  of Apartments anywhere in the world will change the matrix globally.
The concept is simply out of box and *fills in all the blanks in the existing global housing transaction space*.
*I am looking for a Co-Founder who can join me to create a new global matrix*.  We will slog for around 18 months in underground STEALTH OPERATION to *create the body and the elaborate backend*. This creation part will be accomplished by several cross national segregated teams independently of each other. The portions so designed in technology and elaborate working arrangements will be finally clubbed together seamlessly just before the global launch.
*Global launch* will be spread over a period of time extending to again another 18 months with country by country advertising to let people know about the EXTREMELY USEFUL and as easy as a cakewalk concept that makes house buying for instance in timbaktoo by a buyer let's say in Mumbai as *SIMPLE, CONVENIENT, SAFE, DEPENDABLE* as buying a pair of shoe online without visiting the house you wanna purchase.

I say concept is so precious that it has to be designed into operative part by a dozen segregated teams to be welded together just before the launch. Incubation period is 18 months. Unfolding country by country over a period of another 18 months.

Bloodbath will be manifest rampantly wherever the *GameChanging global Housing Transaction Space* is revealed.

We have a very significant plus point in marketing as we have today hundreds of millions of disgruntled and disenchanted souls each wary of or having a disdain or a negative feeling about the housing transaction space currently available globally with his own share of sordid past transaction experience.

Advertising would be mainly through social media & will have the USP of *a Happy Online Real Estate Shopping experience* to the disenchanted billions.

*Phase 2* of the ambitious project will meticulously create and operate a *Global Housing Exchange* with all requisite paraphernalia and will push all the meticulously laid housing transaction space to a next level of being a darling of the people.

The objective is simply to make housing an on-line retail commodity that can be purchased as easily as a pair of shoes.

The idea that drives this objective is *an out of the box Innovation in technology and product definition* that needs implementation.

The idea needs quite a few million dollars as seed capital for implementation. 
I'm looking for appropriate Angel Investor firm at international level who are Financially Capable and could be interested in this domain to take this global initiative.

And I contact you in this regard alone. Kindly let me know if you have any such International firm in mind.

Once I have these firm names I can contact them on my own.

I can reveal the Idea and make a detailed presentation of the roadmap to the AI who could be interested in funding this Innovative and Global GameChanging Startup.

Thanx & Best Regards
- AnilKumarCheeta
Twitter handle :  @GameChangeMaven

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