Hinduism is the Only Dharma

Hinduism is the Only Dharma in this multiverse comprising of Science & Quantum Physics.

Josh Schrei helped me understand G-O-D (Generator-Operator-Destroyer) concept of the divine that is so pervasive in the Vedic tradition/experience. Quantum Theology by Diarmuid O'Murchu and Josh Schrei article compliments the spiritual implications of the new physics. Thanks so much Josh Schrei.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A quote of David Henry Thoreau, a great American philosopher on Bhagavad Gita

A quote of a great American philosopher on Bhagavad Gita

"In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous and cosmogonal philosophy of the Bhagavat Gita, and in comparison with which our modern world and its literature seem puny and trivial."

--------by David Henry Thoreau, one of the American
greatest philosophers and writers

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