Hinduism is the Only Dharma

Hinduism is the Only Dharma in this multiverse comprising of Science & Quantum Physics.

Josh Schrei helped me understand G-O-D (Generator-Operator-Destroyer) concept of the divine that is so pervasive in the Vedic tradition/experience. Quantum Theology by Diarmuid O'Murchu and Josh Schrei article compliments the spiritual implications of the new physics. Thanks so much Josh Schrei.

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Dhanyabad from Anil Kumar Mahajan


Sunday, December 12, 2010

श्रीकृष्ण जन्मअष्टमी की बधाई ...___/|\___....chanting Vishnu 108 :-

श्रीकृष्ण जन्मअष्टमी की बधाई ...___/|\___....chanting Vishnu 108 :-

1.Om Vishnave Namah
2.Om Lakshmi Pathaye Namah
3.Om Krishnaya Namah
4.Om Vaikuntaaya Namah
5.Om Garuda Dhvajaya Namah
...6.Om Parah Brahmane Namah
7.Om Jagannathaya Namah
8.Om Vaasudevaya Namah
9.Om Trivikramaya Namah
10.Om Dhydhyaanthakaaya Namah
11.Om Madhuribhave Namah
12.Om Dhaarshyavahaaya Namah
13.Om Sanaadhanaaya Namah
14.Om Narayanaya Namah
15.Om Padmanabhaya Namah
16.Om Hrishikeshaya Namah
17.Om Sudhapradhaya Namah
18.Om Haraye Namah
19.Om Pundarikakshaya Namah
20.Om Siddhidhikarthre Namah
21.Om Paraathparaya Namah
22.Om Vanamaline Namah
23.Om Yagnaroopaya Namah
24.Om Chakrapanye Namah
25.Om Gadhadhraya Namah
26.Om Upendraya Namah
27.Om Keshavaya Namah
28.Om Hamsaaya Namah
29.Om SamudraMadhanaya Namah
30.Om Haraye Namah
31.Om Govindaya Namah
32.Om Prahmajankaya Namah
33.Om KaitabasuraMardhanaya Namah
34.Om Sridharaya Namah
35.Om Kaamajakaaya Namah
36.Om Seshaya Namah
37.Om Chadhurbhujaya Namah
38.Om Paanchajanyadharaaya Namah
39.Om SriMathe Namah
40.Om Shaarangapanaye Namah
41.Om Janardhanaya Namah
42.Om Pitambharadharaya Namah
43.Om Devaya Namah
44.Om SuryaChandraVilochanaya Namah
45.Om MatsyaRoopaya Namah
46.Om Kurmathanave Namah
47.Om Krodharoopaya Namah
48.Om Nrukesarine Namah
49.Om Vaamanaaya Namah
50.Om Bhaargavaaya Namah
51.Om Raamaya Namah
52.Om Haline Namah
53.Om Kalkine Namah
54.Om Hayaananaaya Namah
55.Om Viswambaraya Namah
56.Om Simsumaaraya Namah
57.Om Srikharaaya Namah
58.Om Kapilaaya Namah
59.Om Dhruvaaya Namah
60.Om Dattatreyaya Namah
61.Om Achyutaya Namah
62.Om Anantaaya Namah
63.Om Mukundhaaya Namah
64.Om Dhidhivaamanaaya Namah
65.Om Dhanvantraye Namah
66.Om Srinivasaya Namah
67.Om Pradyumnaya Namah
68.Om Purushothamaya Namah
69.Om Srivathkausthubhadhraaya Namah
70.Om Muraradhaye Namah
71.Om Adhoshjaaya Namah
72.Om Rushabhaya Namah
73.Om MohanaroopaDharine Namah
74.Om Sangarshanaaya Namah
75.Om Prithave Namah
76.Om Sheerabdhisaayene Namah
77.Om Bhoodhathmane Namah
78.Om Anirudhaaya Namah
79.Om Bhakthavatsalaaya Namah
80.Om Naraaya Namah
81.Om GajendraVaradaaya Namah
82.Om Thridhamne Namah
83.Om Bhoothabhavanaaya Namah
84.Om Svetavaasdhavyaaya Namah
85.Om SuryamandalaMadhyakaaya Namah
86.Om SanakathiMunithyeyaaya Namah
87.Om Bhagavathe Namah
88.Om SankaraPriyaya Namah
89.Om Neelakanthaya Namah
90.Om Tharakaanthaaya Namah
91.Om Vedathmane Namah
92.Om Bhadhraayanaaya Namah
93.Om BhagirathiJanmaBhoomiPaadaPadmaaya Namah
94.Om Stham Prabhave Namah
95.Om Svabhave Namah
96.Om Vibhave Namah
97.Om KanakaShyamaaya Namah
98.Om Jagadhkaaranaaya Namah
99.Om Avyayaaya Namah
100.Om Buddhavadharaaya Namah
101.Om Shaanthathmane Namah
102.Om Krisoth Namah
103.Om Leelamaanusha Vigrahaaya Namah
104.Om Damodharaaya Namah
105.Om Viraataroopaaya Namah
106.Om Bhoodhabhavyabhavath Prabhave Namah
107.Om Aadi Devaaya Namah
108.Om Deva Devaaya NamahSee More

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