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Monday, December 13, 2010

Causes Of Erection Difficulties (erectile dysfunction, or ED) by Zinn Jeremiah

Causes Of Erection Difficulties (erectile dysfunction, or ED) by Zinn Jeremiah 


Causes Of Erection Difficulties

Though it may seem to be a natural and effortless occurrence, performing sexual intercourse requires any number of physical functions in both men and women to occur. In the absence of these physical functions occurring as they normally do, sexual intercourse can be difficult or even impossible to perform. Though women can and do have difficulty with sexual functioning, what's likely the most commonly occurring sexual dysfunction is a man being unable to achieve erection.

Male erectile problems are a regular occurrence, though they certainly don't happen to all men with any degree of frequency. Erectile problems are common enough that there's a medical terminology to describe the problem. The specific medical term for erection difficulty is erectile dysfunction, or ED. As there's a medical term for erection difficulties, there's also naturally enough pharmaceuticals available to treat the disorder. Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of erection problems in fact have nearly become household names, with the Viagra brand leading the way.

Treatment options aside, what are the actual causes at work when a male is unable to achieve an erection? There are obviously various possible explanations for the difficulty, but a few baseline reasons typically cover much of the problem. One possible explanation is anxiety. Males may feel as though they are under obligation to take the lead in sexual performance, and to be always pleasing to their partners. This sort of expectation pressure can lead to performance anxiety, which when significantly internalized can prevent the male from being able to sexually function at all.

There are also medical conditions that can prevent a male from achieving an erection. Problems with the prostate gland can affect erection capability. The prostate is in direct proximity to the penis and an irregular prostate, a condition older men tend to have, can disrupt erection as well as cause urinary problems. Diabetes is another condition that's linked to erection difficulties. The issue with diabetes and poor erection capability is almost certainly a result of the circulatory problems that diabetes can cause. Circulation is an essential but often overlooked component of consistently being able to achieve an erection.

Stress is often another factor in erection difficulties. Modern life presents a multitude of challenges and difficulties. Many people, men included, often feel overburdened and underappreciated. There's also the stress that can occur from a specific problem cropping up, as often seems to happen in most of our lives. Under enough stress, any person is going to be compromised in how they are able to physically perform. Still, stress rarely remains in place indefinitely, and once stress has drained off, erection problems caused by stress will become resolved.


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