Hinduism is the Only Dharma

Hinduism is the Only Dharma in this multiverse comprising of Science & Quantum Physics.

Josh Schrei helped me understand G-O-D (Generator-Operator-Destroyer) concept of the divine that is so pervasive in the Vedic tradition/experience. Quantum Theology by Diarmuid O'Murchu and Josh Schrei article compliments the spiritual implications of the new physics. Thanks so much Josh Schrei.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011




Jay Shah

Hindus are brain washed by some obtuse concepts. This brainwashing is due to inferiority complex and slave mentality -created by Macaulay's children.

No. 1 - “All religions are same and we Hindus accept all religions”

Hindus should ask themselves, if all religions are same then why do we need Hindu temples? Go to church and mosque and worship. Those who talk like this, have never studied other religions. Let us think logically. Logically thinking, it is impossible to accept all religions. If one accepts Christianity or Islam, she or he has to reject all other religions as the Abrahamic faiths are exclusive religions. So logically it is impossible to accept all religions.

One follower of Ramkrishna Mission came to me and argued saying that Shri Ramkrishna tried all religions and proved that one can achive high status through all religions. So I asked simple question “ Suppose Shri Ramkrishna would have tried other religions (read Christianity and Islam) from childhood without any knowledge of Hindu Shastra, so you think he would have achieved higher spiritual status?” My question hit at the root of his pseudo-intelligence. All blind idealism he was taught evaporated and he said probably not.

Actually according to Swargasth Ram Swaroop, Ramkrishna never tried. He said these were demonic ways. But suppose he tried. Then with all due respect to Ramkrishna, there is logical fallacy in his claim. If “A” taught me driving so that I can drive any city in India. Now if “B” teaches me driving, I can not give him credit because I already know. To give him a credit I have to go back to my ignorant state when I didn’t know driving. 

But that’s impossible. Unlike computer memory we can not wipe mental memory. Shri Ramkrishna achieved high spiritual status through Hindu Dharma. So there is nothing more to achieve to give credit to others. If Ramkrishna wanted to give credit to others he had to go to his ignorant state and start practicing other religions. But that’s again impossible, so his claim is logically false. When confronted, the so called broad minded Hindus say we should take good things from other religions. I fail to understand why. If my plate is full of delicious food and I get endless supply of food why should I look at some body’s plate? Similarly my Hindu Dharma gives me endless supply of spiritual food why should even think to look at other systems. We Hindus are constantly bombarded with these illogical concepts.

Then they argue about Vedic concept -- Truth is one and sages called with different names. But those names are within Vedic system as there was no other system. We have no right to alter our Vedic concept and introduce names from other systems.

No 2: “There is diversity in Hindu Dharma”

To justify various sects within Hindu fold, this is standard argument. So I asked some Hindus very simple question. I asked there are so many names that are mentioned in Hindu Scriptures like Nal, Damayant, Swetketo, Vashistha, etc. Which organization or sect they belong to?

They paused for a moment and said they all belong to Sanatan Dharma. So I said if original scripture had diversity we would have thousands of sects during that period. They couldn’t argue further.

Now let us analyze.

Sage Vashishtha was King Dashrath’s Rajguru yet King Dashrath did not start Vashistha mission. Sage Viswamitra also had equal authority in Dasharath’s court. If a fellow from Chinmay mission goes to Hare Krishna he or she won’t be given microphone to talk. Dasharath couldn’t say to Vishamitra that this is Vashishtha mission. Not only that, but Vishvamitra took Ram and Laxman (even they were teenagers) with him to fight demons. Viswamitra had that much authority even though he wasn’t Dasharath’s Rajguru. Vishvamitra had tough fight with sage Vashistha. 

He constructed separate heaven for King Trishanku against wishes of all devatas and Sages yet he did not start separate Viswamitra Mission. Arjun was first human being to listen Geeta directly from Bhagvan Krishna yet he did not start International Society of Krishna Consciousness. In king Janak’s court all sages were given equal respect. So where is diversity?

The reason there was no diversity is ideological unity. There were different ashrams in which students were given knowledge of self and supreme self. But they didn’t have different interpretations. Like student of science and mathematics meet they have same understandings, because they understand truth. Now truth can not have different interpretations. So ideological unity was preserved. If we understand truth we have unity. But now so many sects have different interpretations of Hindu scriptures as they didn’t understand truth. Otherwise how can they have differences?

One may argue we have so many gods and goddesses also so many books in Hindu Dharma. Is it not diversity? Answer is no. I will express my thoughts about this in another article.

No. 3 – “There is tolerance in Hinduism. Hinduism teaches Love and Nonviolence.”

Hinduism never said to tolerate nonsense. When 60,000 sons of Sagar tried to play with Kapil Muni they were immediately burnt to death. When Shishupal started abusing Shri Krishna, he was given limit. When he crossed the limit of 100 abuses he was killed even it was only verbal abuse. Attack on Dharma or on sages was never tolerated.

Now business of love and nonviolence. One sided love and nonviolence do not work.

There is a very old joke.

One man visits his friend and finds friend’s dog was barking. His friend says “Come in. He won’t bite. Don’t you know the proverb that barking dogs never bite?” Man said “Yes I know the proverb” Friend then ask “Then why are you afraid?” Man says “Well, I know the proverb but does that dog know the proverb?”

So we talk about love and nonviolence what about other side? Do they treat us the same way?

We are told that if we are good then the world will be good to us. History says other way. What happened to Prithvi Raj? We are also told that whoever digs will fall in it. Again it hardly happens Most of the time digger is successful making us fall. Besides why should we allow someone to dig when land belongs to us.

We Hindus live in make belief ideal dream world that doesn’t exist in reality. And we use this to escape from issues and challenges we face. It is nothing but self denial.

We are told that two wrongs don't make right. But atleast it gives the message to other side that this side also can be wrong so behave yourself. Otherwise one side will get continious beating as Hindus have suffered for 1000 years. Another thing. Gandhiji said that eye for an eye will make whole world blind. But then blind eye will suffer eternally. These type of thinking is nothing but pacifying Hindus. No body tells otherside the same thing.

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