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Hinduism is the Only Dharma in this multiverse comprising of Science & Quantum Physics.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

What is the importance of Jyotish

What is the importance of Jyotish
One of my friends asked an interesting question to me. She asked that if horoscope of an individual produces complete picture of the life, then what is the benefit of performing some rituals, suggested by astrologers for betterment of the life or to get rid over a certain problem?

This question is not new for any scholar of astrology, who promulgates belief in Jyotish. I have met several people in last few years, which acclaimed that they do not believe in astrological predictions. Whenever I came across such proclamations, I only prayed to God that these people should never be compelled to believe in such calculations, because people tend to come under the umbrella of astrology only when they find it almost impossible to establish their control over (mis) happenings.

To me Indian Jyotish is a perfect science, purely based on mathematical calculations. This is among the most ancient sciences, which still have their worth and social meaning. Every planet has its own momentum, effect and nature. Relationship among different planets and their effect in different columns of the horoscope is also well decided. I can give several examples. If a person has Sun in second house of horoscope, he will definitely make a quarrel with his family after marriage and the life partner will stay in the root of the dispute. Person having Venus in third house of the horoscope will have a parallel affair. If Mars is positioned in the ascendant it will cause a scar on the face but if it is situated in sixth house of the horoscope, it will definitely bring the person to financial hardships during his youth.

Of course, astrology is a science, but a complicated one. You cannot generalize any prediction because degrees of planet, effect of other planets on a particular planet, its relationship with the representative of that zodiac sign, in which it is, situated matter a lot. A good astrologer has to go through each and every aspect of this fact while making calculations and predicting any thing.

Indian astrology believe that horoscope of an individual provides detail of three births of an individual. During his/her life a person bears fruit of his/her deeds of not only present birth but also of previous births. But how can a common person know about those things, which are not visible easily? Here becomes the role of astrology important in the life of an individual. Horoscope speaks about prospects, but deeds of an individual complete the picture. Suppose a person is going from one place to another. If he has proceeded he is supposed to reach up to the destination. But if we are going on some unfamiliar route, we tend to ask someone about the nature of the route to one who is well acquainted with that particular route. He can guide us about condition of the road, curves, dangers, precautions one is supposed to keep during passage on that particular road and so on. Astrology is just like that person, who knows a lot about the route and can guide us. This guidance cam makes our journey safe, success and more sure.

Take another example. Owning a car doesn’t mean that the owner will be able to drive it successfully. Before sitting of the driver seat one has to learn the use of accelerator, steering wheel, breaks, deeper, indicators and other accessories. A capable astrologer narrates about dos and don’ts of your life. Even then some times, lack of proper maintenance or mishandling of vehicle compels us to go to garage for repair and maintenance. The same thing happens in life. We often reduce or deteriorate our prospects of the life, which destiny has bestowed upon us, by our deeds. An astrologer can suggest us that which actions we should avoid to get full favor of stars. A perfect and timely suggestion can provide us some relief.

Principally the word ‘Jyotish’ means a learning, which alights your life and prospects. It saves people from the darkness of hardships, miseries and different fatal accidents of the life. Isn’t it a sufficient reason to consider astrology a worthy and meaningful science?

Atul Kanakk


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