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Monday, January 24, 2011

Take Blessings of Elderly People

Take Blessings of Elderly People
Take blessings of elderly people to keep ill omen apart

Jupiter, the representative planet of Devguru Brihaspati, has entered in moon sign of Capricorn, which is considered as the plebeian sign of Jupiter in traditional Indian astrological calculations. It is believed that it was the ill effect of Jupiter in Capricorn in their respective natal charts which caused a lot of miseries in life of Lord Ram, Bhishma Pitamah of Mahabharat fame and mythological mighty kings like Rawan, Harishchandra, Dasharath etc. It was only due to the influence of such planetary position in the birth chart of Draupadi which forced her to face humiliation at princely court of Kouravas, even in the presence of several saintly elders.

Jupiter is considered as the lord of Moon signs of Sagittarius and pieces. It represents one’s relationship with father, elderly people, spirituality, knowledge and other siblings. It is considered as the lord of North-East direction, which is considered as the sight of deities and ancestors in traditional Indian Vaastu Shastra. A common belief says that if a person has Jupiter of Capricorn in his/her natal chart he or she is supposed to face this or that kind of ignominy in his/her life.

It doesn’t mean that people who do not have such position of planets in their natal chart, they have no chance to be effected by the plebeian position of the Jupiter. According to Indian astrology, Jupiter stays in a moon sign for almost a period of 13 months. As it is among the greatest planets with a lot of power of deity’s pastor, it is bound to make its effect on every one under the sky, during its loitering in the Capricorn.

First of all we should talk about spiritual leaders. Jupiter is known for its association with spirituality. Next 13 months or so may unearth several controversies related to different spiritual leaders and their deeds. Some people may be found involved in playing tricks to prove the worth o their eagerness for establishment of a Dharma-Raj or rule of religion. As for next few months Jupiter will wander with Rahu in Capricorn, it is creating Guru-Chaandal yog which is associated with tendency of cunningness and fraudulence. It may cause some political and social manipulations, especially in Western parts, because the lord of moon sign of Capricorn, Saturn is the lord of West and combination of Rahu with Jupiter is bitterly effecting the position of Saturn at present. We have already witnessed change of power centers in America and Rajasthan. America is situated in the Western part of the World while Rajasthan is situated in the Western part of the country. It happened even when Jupiter was just at the doorsill of Capricorn.

Effects of this planetary change cannot be generalized for individuals, because the position of other planets in their natal charts also makes impact on the happenings of life. If Jupiter has influence of other planets on it, the calculation may differ. However, if someone is feeling some very negative signs of after this planetary change, he or she should consult a reliable astrologer to get the effective remedy.

Remember, the most important and easiest way to get the blessings of this mighty planet is to stay obedient with elderly peoples, serving them with faith and affection and to get their benedictions. It definitely helps people to get overall success in their life, whether Jupiter is causing troubles or not.

:- Atul Kanakk


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