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Monday, January 24, 2011

Love, marriage and stars

Love, marriage and stars

Love is a divine feeling which makes the world go round. The season of spring is myth logically associated with feeling of romance and merriment. It is said that loving some one and making a love marriage is a matter of perfect chemistry between two persons, but would you believe that orientation of this chemistry attributes its being to stars?

Astrologically, fifth house of horoscope of an individual represents velour of his/her thoughts and ideas while seventh house represents his/her conjugal life. The lord of ascendant deliberates inner-self of an individual. Now if lord of the zodiac sign of fifth and seventh house have any mutual bounding, and lord of the ascendant simultaneously creates is influence on seventh and fifth houses, it reflects a strong possibility of love marriage.

One more thing, Venus, the goddess of beauty, represents passion for worldly pleasures in one’s life being a planet. If somehow it creates its influence on fifth house or the lord of fifth house, it promulgates a strong possibility of love marriage. We also know many cases of physical relationship between two people of same sexes, break up of mutual bonding after love marriage, a parallel relationship along with the existing one and things like it. One may ask, whether planetary position in an individual’s natal chart speaks about it?

One may be amazed to know that the answer to this question is yes. There are several configurations of the planets, which elaborate in detail about the relationship of an individual with other people. For instance, if the lord of 8th house is situated in the 12th house with lord of 12th house in 8th house it indicates that the person may interest in physical pleasure with person of same sex. Influence of Rahu or Venus on the fifth house further enhances the situation if it exists with that planetary configuration. Person with Venus in the third house of their natal chart, may have a parallel affair along with having an affectionate other half. Persons having Ketu in 10th house of their horoscope may have leaning towards elderly and married women right from their adolescence. Existence of Mercury in 10th house with an influence of Kekt and combination of Mangal, suggests that the individual may have physical relations with several ones, but will not ignore social and economical rights of his other half. If a person has very weak lord of ascendant with Mercury in seventh house and effect of Rahu or some other Paap Graha on it, it may cause impotency or may involve in relationship with some unwanted people.

Interestingly enough, if a person with Jupiter in ascendant and Sun, Saturn, Mars and Mercury in second house of his horoscope decides to go for a love marriage without proper concern of parents, his/her father may die during the marriage ceremony. Persons with Jupiter and Venus in their ascendant find a worthy life partner who stands by them during each and every hardship, but if such person loses loyalty towards his/her better half, this disloyalty may destroy merriment of married life.

Erich Fromm has narrated once that love is an act of faith and whoever is of little faith is also of little love. The important thing in this relationship is faith and belief towards each other. Of course, planetary position in natal chart of individual sometimes disturb the smooth flowing of those alluring waves which creates existence of the whole world in look of some one’s eyes, but it is to an individual that how strongly he or she can face the challenges posed by the planets. Ultimately, man is known as the best creation of almighty because he only has the capacity, intelligence and sense to differentiate between good and evil. Of course everything is considered as fair in love and war, but simultaneously love is just opposite to was. It is charming because it is supposed to conquer hearts, and to stoop to conquer hearts is exactly different to be involved in charm for physical pleasures.

:- Atul Kanakk



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