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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes, What is Diabetes?

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes, What is Diabetes?

You should know the detailed information on diabetes, including what is diabetes and its symptoms and pre signs.

What is Diabetes?

Today 240 million people worldwide are living with diabetes. India currently (2009) has 50.8 million people, the highest number, followed by China with 43.2 million and the US with 26.8 million. The annual report of International Diabetic Federation on 2 Nov 2009 projected 435 million people worldwide by 2030.
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Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases account for 60 % of all deaths worldwide.

Diabetes is a very common disorder, often lasting for the whole life. It affects the manner in which the body handles carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Insulin hormone is responsible for the conversion of glucose from food into energy. In people with diabetes, body stops producing insulin hormone or not in sufficient amounts. So the glucose stays in the blood raising they blood glucose levels in people with diabetes.

Diabetes can have serious complications. Fortunately, with a healthy lifestyle and with diet management you can lead a healthy life.
Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes : Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

The diabetic people have a high level of blood sugar. The blood sugar level is regulated by insulin (a hormone produced by the pancreas). The blood sugar level is regulated by your eating habits.

In many people, type 2 diabetes show no symptoms. By the time type 2 diabetes is diagnosed, the complications of diabetes may already be present.

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes are similar and given below. These symptoms may occur suddenly.
Being excessively thirsty
Passing more urine
Feeling tired
Feeling hungry always
Putting on weight
Slow healing of cuts
Dry and itchy skin , skin infections
Blurred vision
Cramps in legs
Mood swings
Headaches, dizziness

All or any of these symptoms may be present. However, note that these diabetes symptoms may be due to some other disease so you should consult your Doctor.
Blood Sugar Level Measurement For Diabetes Patients

The diabetes patients may soon be able to wear contact lenses that will continuously alert them to changes in their blood sugar level by changing their colours, thanks to a new revolutionary technology developed by biochemical engineering Professor Jin Zhang at the University of Western Ontario, reported in Dec 2009.
The non-invasive technology uses extremely small nano-particles embedded into the hydrogel lenses that react with glucose molecules found in tears, causing a chemical reaction that changes their colour.

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