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Monday, January 24, 2011

Saturn Speaks about the house

Saturn Speaks about the house

: Atul Kanakk

Having one’s own house happens to be a great aspiration of every individual provided that he or she doesn’t own a lot of property. Do you know that position of the Saturn in your horoscope speaks a lot about possibilities and perspectives of your house?

According to the famous Lal Quitab Jyotish, a typical branch of astrology, one who has Saturn in his ascendant should remain very cautious while building his own house. If the Saturn in any individual’s ascendant lies in the zodiac sign of Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius along with no planet placed in the seventh and tenth house of the horoscope then it will be O.K. to build or own a house; otherwise instead of bringing benign fortune for him this house may cause some serious problems to him and in such a condition he is suggested to avoid owning his own house.

In the same manner, as soon as the person having Saturn in his fourth house will complete the construction of his own house, it will fetch bad luck to his mother, grand mother, maternal aunt and her daughter. According to a common study, if a person has Saturn in the fifth house of his birth chart, fulfills his dream of owning a house, it brings ill omen to his own kids. To avoid such bad effect such persons are suggested to avoid furnishing the dream of their house before the age of 48, and even then, if they have built a house, they should donate a buffalo to keep the ill omen apart.

Indian astrology considers fifth house of the horoscope as the representative of children of any individual and Leo, being the fifth zodiac sign is natural doer of it. The zodiac sign of Leo is governed by the Sun which is a foe of Saturn. Natural rivalry of Sun and Saturn gets strengthened soon after building a house as Saturn gets some power after completion of the house. In such a condition a powerful Saturn in the natural house of the Sun may create some despondency and it is the logic which says that if a person having Saturn in the fifth house of the horoscope, builds a house before the age of 48, which is considered as the age of Sun influenced period of life, ha causes bad luck for his own kids.

It is suggested that a person having Saturn in the 8th house of his horoscope, should always avoid the construction of his own house, as it may lead to some uncertain casualties in his family. Person with Saturn in the 9th house of the birth chart should not build a house of his own during the pregnancy of her wife. If Saturn is situated in the 10th house of an individual, he is suggested to owe some money from his uncle for the construction of his house; otherwise the construction of anew house may shutter the sources of his income completely. Persons having Saturn in 3rd and 11th house should avoid residing in any South facing house.

However, if Saturn happens to be situated in the second house of one’s birth-chart, that individual should let his house be built in whichever condition it is being built. Persons with Saturn in third house may have a lot of property but they should avoid owning mare then three residential buildings, otherwise they would have to face some adverse consequences. Those individuals get some build house from some one, at their own, which have Saturn placed in the seventh house of their ascendant chart. However, such individuals are recommended to not to break their relation with their parental house in any condition and to keep the doorsill of their house always clean.

:- Atul Kanakk


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  1. There are 12 zodiac signs,and the angle between each zodiac is 30 degree.30 multiply by 12=360 degree,which is a circle. Horoscope CONSIST OF 12 Houses.1st house is called Lagna.The 2nd house is called the house of treasure,it is also a house of speech.3rd house is called the house of achievement,it is also a house of brother.4th house is called the house of mother,with this house many other features are studied like house,vehicle etc.5th house is called the house of progeny it also tells about the academic of the individual.6th house is called the house of enemy,it also tells about the diseases of the individual.7th house is called the house of partner ship,like husband and wife,partnership in business etc.8th house is called the house of death,it is also known as the dark house.9th house is called the house of fortune.10th house is the house of father,it also leads to the studies of a individual's position,deeds,fame etc.11th house is called the house of earnings.12th house is called the house of expenditure.Thus the horoscope study is the study of all the 12ve houses.The placement of all the planets in different houses leads to the nature ,feature,academics,earning,type of work in which he or she is involve,his or her family and many other things related to the individual.


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