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Monday, January 24, 2011

plants bring prosperity

plants bring prosperity
Plants for prosperity

: Atul Kanakk

It is acoomon belief that one cannot enjoy the sweet of mango, if one sows the plant of Acaica. ( Boye Ped Babool Ko / Aam Kahan Te hoy?) But the Indian astrology thinks otherwise. According to the various ancient astrological volumes, if a person is born in Vishakha Nakshatra , he or she should plant a tree of Ram Acaica in his house to fetch peace and prosperity.

Yes, plants also enhance chances of peace, pleasure and prosperity. Science says that they are the best friend of man kind as far as the envirnmental issues are concerned, but Indian astrology goes as far as to say that they are good patron of the society as they possess the quality to provide the pleasure to individual, what one deserves. Ancient Indian volumes related to Vastu and astrology discusses it in detail that which kind of plant can provide what kind of pleasure to an individual.

Indian astrology believes that every thing under the sun represents a certain planet. A person is required to know which planet is beneficial for him/her and then the need is to enhance the influence of that specific planet around him/her. As different plants also represent different planets and Nakshatras one can boost up one’s chance of betterment by planting of the suitable plant in house orchard.

‘Brahmma Vaivarta Purana’ an ancient volume says that planting a tree of coconut fetches an easy flow of money. Planting of a Mango tree in the Eastern direction of the house may bring prosperity. Persons, who are having problems in having a child, are suggested to sow a plant of lemon or jack- fruit in the Eastern part of the house. If one faces difficulties in finding real friends, one should plant a rose- apple (jaamun) tree in southern direction. Another ancient volume ‘Padma Purana’ says that one should plant a tree of Myrobalan (Aanwala) in house hold orchard to have a free and fair flow of positive and sacred energy. According to a common belief both of the Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxami have provided their special blessings to this plant.

Manushyalaya Chandrika, Samaraangan Sutradhaar and many other Vastu volumes detail in discuss the utility of plantation in various aspects of the life. Astrological beliefs says that one should plant the tree which represents the birth nakshatra (specific composition of stars) of one self to get the favour of stars.A person is said to born in a particular nakshatra when the specific nakshatra exercises its influence over the sky.Indian astrological system believes that there are twenty seven types of the nakshatras which exercise their infuence at a regular frequency. Every nakshatra is represented by different plant or tree . A person born in a particular nakshatra is suggested to plant the tree of his/her birth nakshatra to enhance good fortune. For instance , Bharani nakshatra is represented by myrobalan, Ashwani by pomegranate, Punarvasu by bamboo tree, Rohini by rose – apple, while Pushya nakshatra is represented by the holy peaper tree.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. In this context plants are really true friends of mankind as they not only fetches good luck to the individuals but also donate whole of their existence to the benefit of human beings.


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