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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Generating power out of thin air? This man from Karnataka is confident By M Raghuram

Generating power out of thin air? This man from Karnataka is confident
By M Raghuram

Place: Udipi | Agency: DNA

Published: Monday, Jan 24, 2011, 9:23 IST


NASA might be seriously studying HS Sathischandra’s technology of producing power from space, but back home the Karnataka did not show much interest in his other project — Vedic technology-based static alternator which can produce power by using magnetic power.

The indifferent response from the state government worked in favour of Gujarat as it recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Sathischandra’s organisation to set up the project.

“I had given the project to the Karnataka government, but initially it did not show interest. After Shobha Karandlaje became the energy minister, she promised to study the project,” said Sathishchandra, the technical advisor to the United Nations (Energy) and the founder of Agrami Foundation.

The prototype generator for static alternator has already been produced, said Sathischandra.

“This project has no moving part, which is why it is called a static alternator. The first unit of power produced from this alternator will be wheeled out into the Western grid in two years as the Gujarat government has shown keen interest in this project,” he said during the international conference on Decoding Veda Vidya and

Traditional Resources for Rediscovering Indian Scientific Heritage organised by the Vadiraja Research Foundation of Udupi.

Sathischandra had given the Vedic-based technology to produce energy from space to Nasa in 2003. He said the Indian government was yet to give permission to build a prototype.

“The concept of energy production using space was found hidden in coded form in all four Vedas of ancient India. When decoded, it revealed this concept which allows us to produce energy out of space,” he said.

The main component of the revolutionary technology was found in Purushasukta where magnetic field converge into the conductor and the mass is conducted into energy and reused in the process of conduction.

He said the power produced from space can be accessed by the whole world. Consumers can get power at costs as low as hydro power. Many technologists in the realm of conventional energy sources, however did not think it was possible as it contradicted Faraday’s Law.

“Give me 10 years with all approvals, clearances, infrastructure and logistics support. I will produce energy for the world. The generator will have to be lodged 37,000 km up in geostationary orbit. So far the world knew only six types of energy from conventional and non-conventional sources — solar, tidal, fossil, wind, hydro and atomic.

There is no technology so far which harnesses energy from space, but since the ‘Yanthra’ (as it is called in Vedic parlance) has to be positioned in geostationary orbit it has to be cleared by the United States which claims ownership of geostationary orbit. There was one more difficulty as the Yanthra’s orbit had to be synchronised with that of the Earth. This aspect is now being worked out by top Vedic space scientists," said Sathishchandra.

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