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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Theory & Counter Theory: Jesus the son of krishna (GOD) came to india

Jesus the son of krishna (GOD) came to india.
by inder ratra 

did jesus studied in india at taxila for 13 years.these are those 13 lost years for which there is no record in west.

did he survived crucifiacation and escaped.

did he escaped to india.

did he lived here peacefully ,roaming from cashmir , punjab to banaras.

does his mothers tomb is in murre town of punjab.town named after name of mary.

does he died in india at ripe age of 82 and his tomb is in sirinagar.

does his teaching and rituals resemble ditto to bhudism prevelent at that time.

kresten in his book "jesus died in india" proves these points with facts and proofs leaving no doubts.

plus greeks since time of alexender used to and fro on silk route.so jesus had no problem traveling to india two times.

Dear Inder,

You're asking very pointed questions, good ones. Let me try to explain few things. First of all let us not claim that Jesus was in India theory. It has lot of holes.

1) Jesus studied in Taxila. In fact, Jesus never went to any organized schooling and it is a very much a fact from within and outside Biblical literatures. That was one of the marvel point for all his audiences that without schooling, how come this guy is so brilliant.

2) His death was corroborated by several proofs by Romans as well as non-Romans. In fact, his mysterious appearances inside a closed rooms was one of the most astonishing events.

3) His mother came to India, leaving her 4/5 kids, you must be joking. In fact, couple of his brothers were very much involved in preaching Jesus' teachings and became martyr.

4) His teachings are similar to Budhists can be discussed but one of the biggest theological difference is idol worshiping which Jesus preached against. 

I understand that we Indians try to take credit for everything good around the world but despite all our gifts to the world, we should be very careful in our claims. Because if we do it too often without established facts then we loose credibility.

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