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Hinduism is the Only Dharma in this multiverse comprising of Science & Quantum Physics.

Josh Schrei helped me understand G-O-D (Generator-Operator-Destroyer) concept of the divine that is so pervasive in the Vedic tradition/experience. Quantum Theology by Diarmuid O'Murchu and Josh Schrei article compliments the spiritual implications of the new physics. Thanks so much Josh Schrei.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lord Krishna Existed

Lord Krishna Existed

The Vrishni Clan to which Sri Krishna belonged still exists with people. European people write Kushan as foreigners, but Kushan were the people who went to Asia/Europe during internal war among Yaduvanshis in Dwarika, and then some of them came back. 

Kushan is modified form of Krishna. Their clan from Mid Asia is verified to Yaduvanshis. The rulers of great Bharatpur Jat Empire of 17th Century which had entire Haryana, and western UP, belong to Lord Krishna's clan (Vrishni). 

All Mahabharat ruling clans still exists among Jats (Yaduvanshis). For exampple Yodhey of Yudhisthir, Dhillon of Karn, Pandava, Panchal, Kuru, Puru etc. 

As per Mahabharat Lord Krishna created a group called GYAT, which became known as Jat over a period of time. The clans which are told to be part of it still exists in Jat community in Haryan/Punjab. These clans and their existence is traceable in history of Iran/Iraq/Saudi Arab, Rome and the Buddhist scriptures of before Christ. 

All noted historians has confirmed about the existence of Lord Krishna, and their analysis is very close to the one discovered by Pandit now. Most historians have indicated 2500Bc to 3000BC. During recent PhD Thesis on Bharatpur rulers, they have counted 150 generations since Lord Krishna till Maharaja Surajmal with most of the names. 

This again makes it around 3000 BC on an average generation time. Southern side people might doubt it as they do not see Mahabharat time's clans there. But in north is is everyday fact.

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