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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shri Hudh Mata Trisandhaya ---by Raghunath Thakur

Shri Hudh Mata Trisandhaya

by Raghunath Thakur

The Northern most region of India, mostly covered by Himalayas, in which our State also falls, is known as the abode of many Gods -Goddess, Devi- Devatas, Reshis-Munis and Peers-Faqirs, and more particularly of Shiv-Parvati (Shiv Shakti). Wherever they stayed, lived and worshiped have become the Shrines a source of Spiritual powers, the ray of hope for the sufferers of the present age. In fact, India as a whole, is a land of Shrines belonging to different faiths which protect the places and the devotees and fulfill their unaccomplished desires and needs. God has kept His Symbolics everywhere to ameliorate the sufferings of the humanity through the spiritual powers these symbolics possess.

The newly created District Kishtwar, like other Districts, is also known as the land of Shrines and pilgrimages of different faiths, the most renowned are Sarthal Devi Shrine of Kali Mata, Chandi Mata Shrine in Machail Padder and Shrines of Shah -I - Asrar Sahib in proper Kishtwar and so many.

There is also a famous Holy Shrine, known as SHRI HUDH MAT ATRISINDYA MATA, located at a height of about 12000fts from the sea level near the famous BRAHAMA PEAK, said to be the abode of Lord Brahma in Nanth Nallah village of Dachhan, which is unknown to the devotees and the world. No mountaineer has so far dared to scale this Peak. One side of this Peak is always covered with snow and clouds. 

About two-three kms away from the Holy Shrine, there flows TRISINDHY A stream (NADI) miraculously thrice a day from the top of a hill and stops naturally; which means that it is not a regular flowing Stream (Nadi) like other Streams (Nadi-Nallahs) and mostly remains dry. The volume of the water is so much that a water mill can easily function. There is neither any lake nor any pond on the top of the hill where from the water flows. "TRISANDHYA" means three times of worship as per Hindu Mythology i.e early morning, noon and evening prayers. "HUDH", by the passage of time, is the distorted form of "HUTT", a Hindi word, which means to offer in the shape of AHUTI (Offerings): To offer completely: Essential material for Havan: to Sacrifice oneself for Good cause. Since Mata Parvita Sacrificed her self for good cause i.e for the Honour and respect of Lord Shiva, her Husband and for herself also by jumping in the Havan Kund so she is called as Hudh Mata-Sati Mata

The astonishing fact is that water recedes flowing from the bottom of the Stream for two-three hours. After sometime it starts decreasing. After two-three hours even a single drop of water is not seen and those who are unlucky not to see it do not get such chance. At some occasions the water does not flow at all as per its routine. 

In that case the pilgrims believe that TRISINDHY A MAT A is not pleased to give Darshan to them and they return sadly and disappointed without having a bath and those who get chance of bathing believe that their Yatra has been accomplished/accepted. It is a miraculous Darshan perhaps very very rare in the State or in the country. The Author had the opportunity of visiting the Shrine twice, Firstly in 1987 and Secondly in 2004. 

In 1987, TRINSANDHAYA MATA was pleased to give Darshan as it flowed at its usual time and had a bath in the pious water. But in the year 2004, despite waiting for two days he had to return disappointed and empty handed without having any darshan of the flowing Nadhi and a pious bath as the TRISANDHAY A Nadhi did not flow as usual. However, he had the darshan of a live snake which is always seen near the Shrine or in the temple during yatra days. Pears of pigeons are also seen near the cave with whose darshans the devotees feel delighted.

Due to lack of Motorable road connectivity from Patrimhalla to Dachhan, the Shrine has remained unknown to the rest of the State/Country and the World. and does not find place in the Religious Tourist Map of the Country. The local administration has not done any positive thing for the exploration and publicity of this shrine. If the devotees come to know about this miraculous Shrine, they will certainly prefer to see this Shrine and perform this Yatra and have a dip in the pious waters of TRlSINDHYA NADI. The abundant tourist potentiality of the area has remained unnoticed and un exploited so far.

Pilgrims have to travel about 50/60 kms on foot to perform the Yatra. If Patimhalla Dacchan Motorable road is constructed, it can reduce the journey by 50% and the devotees shall have to travel only 25/30 kms on foot. We hope that there will be great rush of pilgrims to this Shrine also which can be a boon for the Tourist Industry of the State and this can bring the Shrine on the Religious Tourist Map of the Country. It can change the socio-economic condition not only of the inhabitants of the area but of the State as a whole.

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