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Josh Schrei helped me understand G-O-D (Generator-Operator-Destroyer) concept of the divine that is so pervasive in the Vedic tradition/experience. Quantum Theology by Diarmuid O'Murchu and Josh Schrei article compliments the spiritual implications of the new physics. Thanks so much Josh Schrei.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

God Exists-Recorded evidence-5-Hyderabad by icshyderabad

God Exists-Recorded evidence-5-Hyderabad
by icshyderabad

This is from Hyderabad, and about the Nawab of Hyderabad TAANISHA.The person whose actually name is Gopanna (now famous as Ramdoss, whose songs are very famous in Carnatic Music), who is the nephew of Akkanna and Maadanna, advisors and ministers of Nawab’s court, who got the job of Tehsildaar for the tehsil of Nelakondapalli (Khammam Dist-Andhra). His house is still there, for verification.

BHADRACHALLAM is the place where Ram temple is there, (which falls under his jurisdiction then). The region which was drought hit and the farmers were unable to pay taxes-he waived the tax(Sist in telugu). Prayers did get bountiful of rain, and good harvest. Then he has sent a letter to the Taanisha Saheb, that the funds collected this year due to god’s grace may pl be utilized for construction of the temple(which was housing lord Ram under thatched roof under protection of a tribal woman-Tammala Dammakka)

As the court politics go, the letter was torn into pieces by Nizam’s brother in law, who lost the post to Ramdoss. No answer from the Nawab, was taken as yes by this simpleton, and he spent the govt. revenue for renovation of this temple. Then the matter was reported to Taanisha, and Ramdoss was summoned to Hyderabad for explanation. When his explanation that he wrote to Nawab, could not be proved(letter destroyed by vested interests), he was put into jail, and suffered a lot for 14 days. 

It so happened that Lord Ram and Lakshman visited Tanisha in the night of 14th day and paid all the dues attributed to Ramdoss in Gold Mohris, saying that they were servants of Ramdoss and were sent by him to clear the dues(those days coins). Tanisha next day goes to the prison to liberate Ramdoss, having cleared the dues, and Ramdoss says I have never paid a penny, then only both realize that those two were Raam and Lakshman. 

Taanisha realizes his mistake, orders enquiry, and punishes his own brother in law, and liberates Ramdoss, who wpent his life thereafter in the temple with his family.

With this episode, the Taanisha was so overwhelmed that the god he prayed has given darshan to him in different form, and made a royal decree that the Government should Dutifully offer Talambraalu (the turmeric coated rice-known as Akshata to Hindus) to the temple(but with pearls instead of rice-measuring one KUNCHAM-those days Andhra measurement-equal to abt 16 KG.

Now that the Hyderabad Samsthan is the Government of Andhra, the Chief Minister is bound to carry the silk attires for the deities, and the pearls on his head and offer there in the temple during Sri Ram Navami-when the Kalyanotsavam is performed, and anyone and everyone can watch this on Television (including Doordarshan) on Sri Ram Navami , when this is performed during noon time.


That the Government is sending its CM to discharge duty of royal decree, is sufficient, but then gazette is available. Request Government of AP.

1. Why was Ramdass in Jail for 14 days, being flogged etc., - it was due to his sin of having kept a parrot in cage for 14 days in his earlier Janma.

2. How to believe all this?
a) All visitors and tourists to Hyderabad visit Golconda fort. The Jail where Ramdoss was kept a prisoner, is still there

b) The Jewels made by Ramdoss to Lord Ram and family are still available for viwing-listed by himself in his songs (refer Ikshwaaku Kula thilaka song)

i) Kalki Thurai-the ornament in the crown of lord Ram
ii) Pachchala Pathakam-done for Seetha Devi
iii) Bangaru Molathaadu(worn around waist)- for Lakshman etc., etc.,
and most importantly the dues paid back by Ram and Lakshman to Taanisha, was in the form of Maadas(golden coins). Out of them TWO are still available. One is worn to the idol in a chain, and the other in the custody of the temple in State Bank of India. One can take the pain of visiting Hyderabad and Bhadrachalam-if they are sincere in their quest.

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