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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Control diabetes with Vijaysar herbal wood tumbler

Control diabetes with Vijaysar herbal wood tumbler

Pure herbal wood glass (tumbler) for controlling diabetes without having any side effects,

also called Vijaysar glass (tumbler).

A Natural Way to Control:
High BP
Joint Pains
Improves digestion

Made from Vijaysar (Pterocarpus Marsupial)

we decided to find out safe, cheap and easy herbs and change in lifestyle to take care of Diabetics:-

a. Exercises and Yoga - Regular walking (till tired), massage with oil, washing cloths,other suitable exercises for hours morning and evening.

b. Yoga is recommended - Include yoga in your daily routine. Practice yoga daily for atleast 1-2 hours.

c. Use of Amrit Vijaysar water extract is found very encouraging. Vijaysar was first introduced by Sushruta for this disease.

On different aspects as per Ayurveda Vijaysar€™s efficacy is mentioned below: -

1. It is useful in the form of water-soluble extract of the heart wood of this plant collected from not less than 10years old tree.

The doses vary from 50 ml. to 70 ml. per day. The water which is kept for around 8-10 hours during night .About 50 C.C. water extract should be given in divided doses for three times a day.

2. As per Ayurveda (Charak),It is useful in juvenile and enunciated diabetics because it contains Rasayana properties, which are responsible to rejuvenate the Beta cells of Pancreas.Beta cells are responsible to produce insulin in the Body. Insulin is the only drug to be given to these patients according to modern medical approach. Nooral drugs are useful in these cases.

Use of Amrit Vijaysar tumbler water is suggested because it increases the secretion of Insulin in the body proved on radioimmvicesay. Some chemical components have been taken out from this, which regenerate beta cells.

3. It provides a sense of well being and keeps normal health along with prompt symptomatic relief.

4. Amrit Vijaysar Glass keeps the patient quite healthy along with noticeable improvements.

5. It prevents the complications that may be caused by the use of Insulin.

6. Science & truth are synonym to each other. Truth can be measured at any parameter.

The truth narrated in Ayurvedic Texts could be proved scientifically. The description of Diabetes and its classification in Ayurvedic texts stand exactly true in the same way as during these days.

How to use the Amrit Vijaysar wood tumbler:

Fill the wooden tumbler with drinking water at night.
In the morning, empty the water which is now colored, into a clean tumbler. Filter the water and drink it
Continue this for at least 30 days. When the color of the water stops changing, scratch the tumbler from inside carefully, without hurting yourself and use it again for next 7-15 days.
Use a tumbler for 45 days maximum.
After 45 days use a new tumbler. (Recommended)


  1. This is very effective product. I used vijaysar and got very good results without any side effects.

    1. Please let me know for how much period of time, it is to be taken ?

  2. My friend suffering from diabetes recently purchased one vijaysar glass under brand "MadhuVijay" and has been using this glass since 6 months. his blood glucose dropped to 140...www.holycrystals.in

  3. More and more people are turning towards using Vijaysar Herbs for controlling their sugar problem. "Madhuvijay" is also a very good brand offering vijaysar herb. one tumbler + 12 herbal wood pieces + 60 capsules made of Vijaysar+brahmi+ashwagandha extract all is offered just for Rs.599/- . that too inclusive of Postage & Packing..Excellent Product.


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