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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ban on cow slaughter for Bakri Idd by the Hon’ble Kolkata High Court.

Ban on cow slaughter for Bakri Idd by the Hon’ble Kolkata High Court.

Cow slaughter banned by Calcutta High Court


Press Statement of Hindu Samhati on the Ban on cow slaughter for Bakri Idd by the Hon’ble Kolkata High Court.

by ~ Tapan Kumar Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati

Kolkata, Nov 12 (IBNS): The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Friday welcomed a judgement by the Calcutta High Court banning the slaughter of cows for religious purposes.
The weighty judgement comes days ahead of Eid Al-Adhha (Feast of Sacrifice) also known as ‘Bakri-Eid’ being observed by Muslims across India by sacrificing goats and even cows in some places.
The division bench of Chief Justice J N Patel and Justice Asim Ray of the Calcutta High Court on Friday declared the practice of sacrificing cow and its progeny for religious purpose as ‘unlawful’, the RSS statement said.
The Hindu volunteer organisation added that it expected the judgment to have “far reaching ramifications in the minority-centric domestic politics of West Bengal”.
Courtesy: Washington Bangla Radio.

Message of Upananda Brahmachari, Vice President, HINDU SAMHATI.

This is a great victory of the Hindus indeed. But we should not be double standard. Slaughter of cow progeny hurts the Hindus. So, Hindus cannot sell any of them to the butchers for killing. It is a perpetual sin. All the Dharma Samsads and the Dharmik apex bodies of Hindus should immediately declare prohibition of cow selling to the butchers and slaughter houses. Any Hindu connected with such Adharmik (anti-religious) activities should not be considered as a real Hindu. Please, we should not indulge ourselves in such a sin. Cows are considered as Gau-Mata, Kama-Dhenu to us. We should save a cow even sacrificing our soul.

We should be prepared to face the bigger fight in Supreme Court if the situation demands. We should congratulate Sri Abjijit Das of Amtala Nagarik Adhikar Raksha Samity, the present petitioner of the case No. W.P. No 1378 of 2010. We should thankful the band of spirited lawyers in the HC, viz. Mr. Kallol GuhaThakurta, Mr. Ganesh Banerjee, Mr. Jai Surana and Mr. A. K. Saregi for the petitioner, who impleaded a marvelous for the cause Hindu Sentiment, Prevention of Animal Cruelty and Indian Economy. We must convey our gratitude to the Hon’ble bench of Calcutta High Court adorned by Hon’ble Chief Justice, Mr. J. N. Patel and Justice Mr. Ashim Kumar Roy for delivering the most essential in the context of the situation.
Jai Gau Mata. Jai Ganga Mata. Jai Bharat Mata. ..
-Upananda Brahmachari

Surinder Paul Attri said
November 14, 2010 at 4:07 pm

Bakri Eid – the level of brutality surpasses the significance of sacrifice

1. Moslems observe their festival of Eid Al-Adbba ( Feast of Sacrifice ), also known as ” Bakri-Eid ,” by wholesale butchering of animals, goats & even cows, without showing the least bit of pity or concern for these innocent creatures of the Lord.

2. Moslems call this grossly-offensive, brutal, & despicable act, as an act of sacrifice. What a Joke ? Moslems are making no sacrifice, What are sacrificed are the blameless & guiltless creatures, who have done no harm to these beastly-barbaric Sullas.

3. This brutal & barbaric act, performed at the time of ” Bakir-Eid, ” has no connection with sacrifice, but has all the defining characteristics of Moslem’s aggressiveness, and his cruelty on inculpable & innocent beasts, who have given no offense to either the Moslems or their Islam.

4. What is most wicked & nefarious is the method of slaughtering, that is used by Moslems. It is called Halal, which is a procedure of Very Slow Slaughter of the poor animal, slitting the throat, slowly incising & slashing the organs of these poor innocent animal, to cause maximum pain on these poor creatures. It is so horrid & nauseating, that is beyond description.

5. Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals:
Where are you ? Are you sleeping ?
Are you going to do anything about stopping this hideous cruelty, inflicted on these unfortunate creatures of this earth ? Isn’t man responsible for the safety & humane treatment of all, man as well as the beast ?

Surinder Paul Attri
Dr. Babu Suseelan said
November 14, 2010 at 8:40 pm

Killing innocent animals and Kaffirs is an essential part of Islam. Islam cannot exist without shedding blood. History record is replete with bloodletting by the followers of Allah. Strangely, government of India subsidize Jihadis for mass murder of animals in the name of their fictitious Allah at Mecca during Hajj. More than 40 million innocent animals are slaughtered the most brutal way during Hajj. Slaughtering innocent animals in the name of GOD is against Indian law. Despite government of India, to appease bloodthirsty Jihadis subsidize Muslims for the trip to Mecca for improving their beheading skills.

During Islamic Ramadan Feasting season Muslims slaughter millions of animals and eat decaying flesh from sunset to sunrise against all health norms. What a shame!
Sunjay said
November 15, 2010 at 11:59 am

Hundreds of trucks full with cows are entering Kolkata, they cover most of the trucks on all sides so no one on road can get a hint of what is inside those trucks but from high rise apartment one can clearly see the cows on the trucks, all night hundreds of such trucks are entering through VIP road, I know because I’ve seen them from my rooftop.

vaibhav said
November 16, 2010 at 9:13 am

Why there is no news in media about it? It is our responsibility to promote this news in order to implement it it properly. All news media is anti Hindu there. Tell this to all the people as much as possible.

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