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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pakistan Denies Visa to Sikh Pilgrims By Jagmit Singh

Pakistan Denies Visa to Sikh Pilgrims

By Jagmit Singh


Sikhs praying at the Golden Temple
Islamabad, Pakistan (CHAKRA) – Pakistan recently denied that 300 Sikh pilgrims born in India were refused visas.
The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Malik Amad Khan, stated that he checked with the Interior Ministry and there were no reports of 300 Sikh pilgrims being denied such visas. The lower house of parliament was the government sector which first responded to complaints made of such an issue. Then it was passed on to Malik Amad Khan for further investigation.
In 1974, a protocol was made and signed by both India and Pakistan to contain the number of immigrant pilgrims who could make visits across the border for religious purposes.
It has been claimed that the Foreign Ministry had nothing to do with the denial of issuance of visas.  It only serves to work as a bridge between the Interior Ministry and Pakistan’s High Commission in Delhi.
Shakeela Khan, the lawmaker stated that a total of 5000 Sikhs visited Pakistan for religious purposes but 300 visa applications were rejected.
She further stated that the Interior Ministry rejected Indian Sikh’s applicants who were born in Pakistan.

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