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Saturday, May 7, 2011

250 Hindu Temple Thefts and Desecrations in Goa Unite Temple Panels to Take a Stand By Linda Brock

250 Hindu Temple Thefts and Desecrations in Goa Unite Temple Panels to Take a Stand

By Linda Brock


Goa is known for its beautiful beaches
Panaji, Goa (CHAKRA) — Gomantak Mandir and Dharmik Sanstha is the new name of approximately 300 temple boards that have come together from all eleven talukas in the state of Goa, to deal with cases of thefts and desecrations in Hindu temples across the state.

The manner in which the Goa state goverment is dealing with the damage to the sacred shrines is being compared to the way in which the Portugese regime handled similar issues during colonial rule.  Representatives of the temple associations are not happy and have emerged together to try their best to make a difference.

Jayesh Thali, co-coordinator of the Mahasangh stated that in the past six years, over 250 temples have been ransacked in addition to 50 desecrations of Hindu idols.  He further stated that the government has displayed indifference to these constant incidents one after the other and have not come up with any solution or ideas to stop the abuse to the temples.

From a temple located in Porvorim, Rajkumar Dessai, bluntly stated that Portugese laws, as existent in the past are still present in the state of Goa, with only name changes to seemingly portray that laws were changed to revolutionize the state handlings of Hindu temples.  Nothing but the name of the act has been changed.  According to Dessai, the laws made for a cupboard being damaged are equivalent to the laws that exist for the damaging of idols in temples.  He strongly believes the laws are outdated and must be revolutionized to make a greater difference for the Hindu community in Goa.

A meeting was to be held by the Mahasangh to mobilize the faithful from across the state in order to unite and share similar viewpoints and ideas to create change.

Legal assistance, free of cost was to be given at the meeting relating to cases of thefts and desecrations.  The purpose of the meeting was to mobilize individuals so that they are better able to take control and report complaints about desecrations and damage to their temples.

In addition, the Mahasangh, is strongly against the demolitions of Hindu temples that already exist on government property or land.

Ramesh Shinde, head of the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti for the regions of Goa , Gujarat and Maharashtra strongly condemned the inaction taken by the Goa government to put a stop to the damage and looting of sacred Hindu temples.  He thinks the Goa government should create a clear plan to stop the attacks on temples.  He has concluded that there is no fear of laws in the state of Goa, especially since there have been repeated cases to the same shrines over and over again.  The Sateri temple in Curchorem has been looted 5 times as stated by Shinde and just in the last year there have been 13 successful temple theft cases in Mapusa.  When the same damage happens to the same temple over a number of times resulting in laws being discounted continuously, a state of chaos is near if not in existence already.

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