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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Child Kidnapped by Extremists in Sindh Pakistan

Thursday, December 9th, 2010 | Posted by Editor
Child Kidnapped by Extremists in Sindh Pakistan


Muslim Extremists constantly promote forced conversions of Hindus and other minority communities in Pakistan
Sindh, Pakistan (CHAKRA) - A three-year-old Hindu girl was kidnapped in the province of Sindh in Pakistan. The Hindu community being a minority community in the country was distraught and has started a protest to raise awareness of such repeated kidnappings. They also requested the authorities immediately send out police to search for the child.
From Hindu Mohalla, the girl named Anchal was kidnapped a few days ago and since then protesters have been sitting outside the district police station to force immediate action to bring the child back home.
It was reported that Anchal had gone to the temple with her eight-year-old sister and mother the day of her kidnapping.Her and Kashish (her sister) stepped out of the temple to buy some snacks when suddenly Anchal was snatched away by some strangers.
Anchal’s father, Ganesh Chand runs a cable TV network and he told news reporters that his children were having snacks after their temple visit when the armed Muslim militants came and took Anchal away.
Chand further stated that after the kidnappers had taken a hold of his daughter, they fled on one motorcycle where one of the kidnappers fell off onto the ground. Bystanders tried to save the girl when the second kidnapper took out a pistol and threatened to open fire if anyone neared them.
Police have had no luck finding the girl yet and the Kashmore district chief police, Syed Asad Raza said the kidnappers have crossed over the border to the neighbouring province of Balochistan. However, the police have not yet registered a case according to Anchal’s family. This is common as even the police fear Islamic militants in the region.
All markets and shopping centers in Kashmore closed down for a day after The Hindu Panchayat and Shahree Action Committee chief Qadir Nawaz Jakhrani and Chand met outside the police station.
The parliament and legislation of Kashmore are being criticized for their lack of action and care for Hindu children being continuously kidnapped. Hindus are not only dealing with the consequence of their child being kidnapped but they live daily with the stress and anxiety that something could happen to any of their children anywhere at any time within the borders of Pakistan simply because the government fails to take any measures to prevent future kidnappings against Hindus. There is no promotion of Hindu rights or safety within the province.
Previously, Hindus have also been targeted by Muslim extremists in the provinces of Jacobabab, Ghotki, Sukkur and Shikarpur.

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