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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yogesh Pande- SHIVA, DAKSHA, Parwati and Tandava

Yogesh Pande- SHIVA, DAKSHA, Parwati and  Tandava

The person who believe or the follower of pomp and show, to understand SHIVA is difficult for him.The same confusion about Shiva prevailed with the king DAKSHA, (father of Parwati).Once the king DAKSHA decided to perform yagya, he consulted Rajpurohit and the time, date every thing was decided there and the invitations were sent to everybody and the accommodations were arranged for the invitees, according to their status.

The news traveled to Parwati (the daughter of DAKSHA AND THE WIFE OF Shiva) Parwati expressed her desire to go to her father's kingdom where the yagya was to be performed.King Daksha had not invited Shiva in the pious ceremony.Shiva told Parwati not to go as he could guess some very negative and he tried to avoid the situation at his best,but it was Parwati who forcibly expressed her desire to make her presence during the yagya.

SHIVA IS SATYA AND WHEN IT IS SATYA It will always be in the welfare of the entire humanity,when some thing is for the welfare of humanity it aught to be beautiful. SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM.but the king Daksha was unable to understand Shiva. He used to maintain the enmity with Shiva. Any how Parwati went to her father's kingdom and she saw each invitee was provided the proper place according to his status, but there was no place for her husband Shiva. 

She became so angry that she forgot to think what is right and what is wrong,and decided to suicide and jumped into the yagya vedi.The moment it happened, Shiva started for Daksha kingdom and destroyed the yagya and took the dead body of Parwati on his shoulder and started making Tandava THE DANCE OF DESTRUCTION. 

This made the entire universe disturb, all the devas including the nature went to Lord VISHNU and requested him to save the universe from the anger of Shiva, Lord Vishnu with the help of Sudarshan chakra made the body of PARWATI into pieces and the pieces of the dead body of Parwati were fallen on the earth. In this way the each particular place where the particular part was fallen,became the SHAKTI PEETH.

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