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Monday, November 21, 2011

desertROSE Post: Taj Mahal: An Epic Manipulated (Part-1)

desertROSE Post: Taj Mahal: An Epic Manipulated (Part-1): Shah Jahan was a womanizer and a opium addict. The best thing he did in life wa renovation. He didnt have the brains or the intelligence...

Shah Jahan was a womanizer and a opium addict. The best thing he did in life wa renovation. He didnt have the brains or the intelligence to build something on the scale of the Taj. The Taj was a hindu temple dedicated to Shiva.Shah Jahan was good at renovation but not that good because it took him 20 years to renovate the temple.In short Shah Jahan was a epic failure and has nothing to his credit. To keep this a secret he maimed all the laborers who were involved in this renovation or killed them.

This Naqqar Khana alias Music House in the Taj Mahal garden is an incongruity if the Taj Mahal were an Islamic tomb. Close by on the right is the building which Muslims claim to be a mosque. The proximity of a mosque to the Music House is incongruous with Muslim tradition. In India, Muslims have a tradition of pelting stones on Hindu music processions passing over a mosque. Moreover a mausoleum needs silence. A dead person's repose is never to be disturbed. Who would then provide a band house for a dead Mumtaz? Contrarily Hindu temples and palaces have a music house because morning and evening Hindu chores begin to the sweet strains of sacred music.

Such are the rooms on the 1st floor of the marble structure of the Taj Mahal. The two staircases leading to this upper floor are kept locked and barred since Shahjahan's time. The floor and the marble walls of such upper floor rooms can be seen in the picture to have been stripped of its marble panels. Shahjahan used that uprooted marble from the upper floor for constructing graves and engraving the Koran because he did not know where from to procure marble matching the splendour of the rest of the Taj Mahal. He was also so stingy as not to want to spend much even on converting a robbed Hindu temple into an Islamic mausoleum.

Such are the magnificent marble-paved, shining, cool, white bright rooms of the Taj Mahal temple palace's marble ground floor. Even the lower third portion of the walls is covered with magnificent marble mosaic. The doorway at the left looks suspiciously closed with a stone slab. One can perambulate through these rooms around the central octagonal sanctorum, now occupied by Mumtaz's fake grave. The aperture, seen through of the central door, enabled perambulating devotees to keep their eyes fixed on the Shiva Linga in the central chamber. Hindu Shiva Lingas are consecrated in two chambers, one above the other. Therefore, Shahjahan had to raise two graves in the name of Mumtaz--one in the marble basement and the other on the ground floor to desecrate and hide both the Shiva emblems from public view. [The famous Shiva temple in Ujjain also has an underground chamber for one of its Shiva-lingams.]

The most evident of such structures is Taj Mahal--a structure supposedly devoted to carnal love by the "great" mughal king Shah Jahan to his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal. Please keep in my mind that this is the same Shah Jahan who had a harem of 5,000 women and the same Shah Jahan who had a incestuous relationship with his daughter justifying it by saying, 'a gardener has every right to taste the fruit he has planted'! Is such a person even capable of imagining such a wondrous structure as the Taj Mahal let alone be the architect of it?

The answer is no. It cannot be. And it isn't as has been proven. The Taj Mahal is as much an Islamic structure, as is mathematics a Muslim discovery! The famous historian Shri P.N. Oak has proven that Taj Mahal is actually Tejo Mahalaya-- a shiv temple-palace. His work was published in 1965 in the book, Taj Mahal - The True Story. However, we have not heard much about it because it was banned by the corrupt and power crazed Congress government of Bharat who did not want to alienate their precious vote bank--the Muslims.

After reading Shri Oak's work, which provides more than adequate evidence to prove that Taj Mahal is indeed Tejo Mahalaya, one has to wonder if the government of Bharat has been full of traitors for the past 50 years! Because to ban such a book which states only the truth is surely a crime against our great nation of Bharat.

The most valuable evidence of all that Tejo Mahalaya is not an Islamic building is in the Badshahnama, which contains the history of the first twenty years of Shah Jahan's reign. The writer Abdul Hamid has stated that Taj Mahal is a temple-palace taken from Jaipur's Maharaja Jaisigh and the building was known as Raja Mansingh's palace. This by itself is enough proof to state that Tejo Mahalaya is a Hindu structure captured, plundered and converted to a mausoleum by Shah Jahan and his henchmen. But I have taken the liberty to provide you with 109 other proofs and logical points, which tell us that the structure known as the Taj Mahal is actually Tejo Mahalaya.

There is a similar story behind Every Islamic structure in Bharat. They are all converted Hindu structures. As I mentioned above, hundreds of thousands of temples in Bharat have been destroyed by the barbaric Muslim invaders and I shall dedicate several articles to these destroyed temples. However, the scope of this article is to prove to you beyond the shadow of any doubt that Taj Mahal is Tejo Mahalaya and should be recognized as such! Not as a monument to the dead Mumtaz Mahal--an insignificant sex object in the incestuous Shah Jahan's harem of 5,000.

Another very important proof that Taj Mahal is a Hindu structure is shown by figure 1 below. It depicts Aurangzeb's letter to Shah Jahan in Persian in which he has unintentionally revealed the true identity of the Taj Mahal as a Hindu Temple-Palace. Refer to proofs 20 and 66 stated below.

Aurangzeb's letter to his father Shah Jahan written in
Persian. (Source: Taj Mahal - The True Story, pg. 275)
Take the time to read the proofs stated below and know to what extent we have been lied to by our own leaders. These proofs have been provided by the help of Shri P.N. Oak.
For more information you can order the book, Taj Mahal - The True Story authored by Shri P.N. Oak. The ISBN number of the book is ISBN 0-9611614-4-2. The book is available through A. Ghosh (Publisher), 5720 W. Little York, # 216, Houston, Texas 77091.

(to be continued....)
Posted by desertROSE at Monday, May 16, 2011
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yogesh saxena said...
Civil Misc. Application No. 36818 of 2004
(Under Section 151 CPC)
Civil Misc. Writ Petition No. . 36818 of 2004
(Under Article 226 of constitution of India)
(District – Agra)

1. Institute of Rewriting Indian History Through its Founder President, P. N. Oak.
S/O Late Shri Nagesh Krishna Oak, R/O - Plot No. 10, Goodwill Society,
Aundh, Pune – 411007
2. P. N. Oak. S/O Late Shri Nagesh Krishna Oak, R/O - Plot No. 10, Goodwill
Society, Aundh, Pune - 411007 ,Founder President, Institute of Rewriting
Indian History, Aundh, Pune – 4110071-------------Petitioner


1. Union of India through Secretary,
Human Resources and Development (HRD),
Government of India, New Delhi.

2. Secretary, Tourism and Archeological Department, Govt. of India,
New Delhi

3. Director General,
Archaeological Survey of India,
Government of India, Janapath, New Delhi.---------Respondents

The Hon’ble the Chief Justice and his Lordships other companion Judges of the aforesaid Court.
The humble writ petition of the abovenamed petitioner MOST RESPECTFULLY SHOWETH AS UNDER;

1. That the full facts and circumstance of the case are given in accompanied writ petition, it is most respectively prayed that an ad-interiem-mandamus by appointing a facts finding committee for exposing the falsehood of the Arceaological department regarding the historical blunder committed by them in respect of their purported claim set-up in declaring Taj-Mahal, Red- fort Agra, Fatahpur –Sikiri and other ancient Hindu buildings/ monuments as Muslim monuments and truth may be disclosed to the public/citizens and students in subject of history regarding their true authorship prior to Mughal period in furtherance of their fundamental rights conferred to the Citizens under Article 19 (1) (a), 25 and 26 read with49 and 51-A(f) (h) of Constitution of India and Freedom Of Information Act, 2002.
2. That it is further prayed that an ad-interim-Mandamus directing the respondent authorities after due Scientific investigation and facts finding inquiry report, the respondents in particular the Archaeological Survey of India may Declare and Notify in terms of the true history, as the Taj Mahal was not built by Shahajahan and thereby directing the Archaeological Survey of India to remove the notices displayed by them in the Taj Mahal premises crediting Shahjahan as its creator and to futher desist from writing / publishing / proclaiming / propagating and teaching about Shahjahan being the author of Taj Mahal and stop and discontinue the free entry in Taj Mahal premises on Fridays in the week.
29 September 2011 23:09
yogesh saxena said...
3. That it is further prayed that an ad-interim mandamus directing the respondent authorities in particular Archaeological Survey of India 1)-to open the locks of upper and lower portions of the 4 storeyed red stone building of Taj Mahal having numbers of rooms, 2)-to remove all bricked up walls build later blocking such rooms therein, 3)-to investigate scientifically and certify that which of those or both cenotaphs are fake,4)-to look for a subterrance storey below the river bank ground level, 5)-to look into after removing the room-entrance directly beneath the basement cenotaph-chamber.6)- by removing the brick and lime barricade flocking the doorway, 7)-to look for important historical evidence such as idols and inscriptions hidden inside there by the Shahjahan’s orders as truth may not make us rich but the same will make us free from superstitions and false propoganda.
4. That it is further prayed that an ad-interim-mandamus may further be issued declaring the provisions of The Ancient And Historical Monuments And Archaeological Sites And Remains (Declaration Of National Importance) Act, 1951 to the extend of declaring the ancient and historical monuments and other and Archaeological Sites namely Taj Mahal. Fatehpur-sikiri, Agra Red Ford , Ethmadualla and other Monuments as built by Mugal invaders allegedly on the basis of report submitted by Then Governor General, Lord Auckland, and young lieutenant Alexander Cunningham conceived indigenous scheme of “Divide and Rule” and thereby misusing the archaeological studies, be declared as ultravires to Article 19 (1) (a), 25,26 49 And 51-A (f) (h)constitution of India and this Hon’ble Court may futher declare the provision of Ancient and Historical Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains (Declaration of National Importance) Act, 1951 (71 of 1951), The Ancient Monuments And Archaeological Sites And Remains Act, 1958 of declaring these ancient building/ monuments preserved with such false graeyards identity with out any scientific inquiry/ investigation as purported Mugal monuments / graveyards as unconstitutional and void.
29 September 2011 23:10

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