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Friday, April 22, 2011

60 Hindus Attacked and Forced Out of Their Homes for Drinking Water from ‘Muslims Only’ Fountain

60 Hindus Attacked and Forced Out of Their Homes for Drinking Water from ‘Muslims Only’ Fountain

A fountain outside an Islamic Mosque
Sindh, Pakistan (CHAKRA)—When a Hindu boy drank water out of a water facility outside of a mosque, several members of the minority community of Hindus were attacked and forced out of their homes in Sindh, Pakistan.
In the capital city of Karachi in Memon Goth, about 60 Hindus were brutally hurt and kicked out of their houses after influential Muslim tribesmen saw the boy drinking water from a fountain outside of an Islamic mosque.
A Hindu man, Meerumal said his son Dinesh was beaten after being seen drinking from a water cooler outside of a mosque.
Later seven individuals were attacked, injured and taken to Jinnah hospital which was nearby.
Some of the Hindus that were thrown out of their homes have taken refuge in a cattle pen.
It was said by Heera, one of the victims, that about 400 families were being threatened to vacate the area.
Heera who is also living in a cattle pen said, “Our people are even scared of going out of their houses. We are also putting up with living in the filthy (cattle) pen because we cannot go home for fear of being killed.”
The Minority Affairs Minister—Mohan Lal has said he will do all that it takes to get the homes back for the Hindus stranded from their homes.  However,  in the last year there have been thousands of similar cases in Pakistan towards families belonging to a religious minority and in almost all cases the victims are ignored. Last month a few Hindus from the same town were kidnapped and forced to convert.

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