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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Declare Moungri "Heritage Village"

Copy of letter was sent to Daily Excelsior


Fortunate enough that the mountainous village Moungri of district Udhampur, besides being famous for having sacred abode of naturally formed Shiv-Parvati Caves Shrine, is enjewelled with several other ancient shrines. The innumerable shrines of various deities/devtas at fabulous spots viz magnificent hill tops, scenic slopes, beautiful meadows etc within the radius of 6-7 km, are quite unique and its adjoining part is abundantly decked with such wonderful shrines that add alluring charm and breath-taking attraction to its bountiful natural pilgrim-tourist potential. The village Moungri undoubtedly is a "village of shrines'' like Jammu as "City of Temples''. It has more than 33 shrine sites within aforesaid radius.

Keeping in view the matchless and rich heritage scattered all-around the all seasons' village Moungri deserves to be declard as "Heritage Village''. To identify and tap the shrines and collect more information about the hidden treasure along with area's climatic, topographic and infrastructural aspects, a survey of concerned officials should be deputed. So that the multifaceted treasure, which is a noble symbol of cultural heritage and communal harmony, may come to light. In this way the blessed area would assume more significance as well as great boost in Pilgrim-tourism setor on the one hand and priceless heritage would be preserved and promoted for the future generations on the other. It is also relevant to mention here that the Government has already made village Moungri, Youth Hostel Moungri the base camp of the 7 days Moungri-Mantalai Heritage Trek. In the trekking expedition not only domestic but foreign trekkers also participate in large numbers.

Yours etc...

Swatantra Dev Kotwal
1/226, Subhash Nagar, Udhampur

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