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Hinduism is the Only Dharma in this multiverse comprising of Science & Quantum Physics.

Josh Schrei helped me understand G-O-D (Generator-Operator-Destroyer) concept of the divine that is so pervasive in the Vedic tradition/experience. Quantum Theology by Diarmuid O'Murchu and Josh Schrei article compliments the spiritual implications of the new physics. Thanks so much Josh Schrei.

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Dhanyabad from Anil Kumar Cheeta


Saturday, December 18, 2010



1 hrim kali : She who is All of Maya, she who takes away darkness
2 srim karali : she who gives Increase of perfect respect, who is formidable
3 krim kalyani: she who is the cause of dissolution of the subtle body into the
casual body, Welfare
4 kalavati : she who manifests all qualities
5 kamala : she who is the lotus one
6 kalidarpaghni : she who destroys the pride of the age of darkness
7 karpardisakrpanvita : she who gives grace to the one of matted hair
8 kalika : she who is the cause of taking away the darkness
9 kalamata she who is the mother of time
10 kalanalasamadyutih : she who is radiant as the fire of times
11 kapardini : she who wears matted hair
12 karalasya : She who has a gaping mouth
13 karunamrtasagara : She who is the ocean of the nectar of compassion
14 krpamayi : she who is the manifestation of grace
15 krpadhara : She who is the supporter of grace
16 krpapara : She who is beyond grace
17 krpagama : She who moves in grace
18 krsanuh : She who is beyond all grace
19 kapila : She who is the giver of nourishment
20 krsna : She who is black, doer of all
21 krsnanandavivarddhini : She who is the distributor of bliss of the doer of all
22 kalaratrih : She who is the dark night of overcoming Egotism
23 kamarupa “ She who is the form of Desire
24 kamapasavimocani : She who cuts the bondage of desire
25 kadambini : She who is like a dark cloud
26 kaladhara : she who supports all qualities
27 kalilalmasanasini : She who destroys the evils of the age of darkness
28 kumaripujanaprita : She who loves the worship of the ever pure one
29 kumaripujakalaya : She who is the Time of worship of the ever pure one
30 kumaribhojanananda : She who is the Bliss of feeding the ever pure one
31 kumarirupadharini : She who wears the form of the ever pure one
32 kadambavanasancara : she who roams in the forest of the kadamba trees
33 kadambavanavasini : She who dwells in the forest of the Kadamba trees
34 kadambapuspasantosa : She who is satisfied with the flowers of kadamba trees
35 kadambapuspamalini : She who wears a garland of flowers of kadamba trees
36 kisori : she who is young
37 kalakantha : she who se throat is dark
38 kalanadaninadini : She who is the disseminator of the subtle vibrations of
39 kadambaripanarata : She who drinks the nectar of the kadamba fruit
40 kadambaripriya : She who enjoys the nectar of the kadamba fruit
41 kapalapatranirata : She who holds a bowl made of skull
42 kankalamalyadharini : She who wears a garland of skulls
43 kamalasanasantusta : She who is pleased to sit on the lotus flower
44 kamalasanavasini : She who sits on the seat of the lotus flower
45 kamalalayamadhyastha : She who is established in the middle space of the
46 kamalamodamodini : she who is intoxicated from the intoxication of the lotus
47 kalahamsagatih : She who moves with the gait of a black swan
48 klaibyanasini : She who is the destroyer of iniquity
49 kamarupini : She who is the intrinsic nature of desire
50 kamarupakrtavasa : She whose desire is the form of desires
51 kamapithavilasini : She who resposes in the center of worship of desire
52 kamaniya : She who is desired
53 kalpalata : She who is all desires
54 kamaniyavibhusana : she who is the manifestation of that which is desired
55 kamaniyagunaradhya : She who is pleased with the quality of tenderness
56 komalangi : She who has tender limbs
57 krsodari : She who has slender waist
58 karanamrtasantosa : She who is the cause of the nectar Satisfaction
59 karananandasiddhida : She who is the cause of giving the perfect attainment
60 karananandajapesta : She who is the cause of bliss recitation
61 karanarcanaharsita : She who is the cause of the delight from offering
62 karanarnavasammagna : She who is the cause of moving in waves or cycles
63 karanavratapalini : She who is the cause of protecting vows
64 kasturisaurabhamoda : She who gives the intoxicating scent of musk to deers
65 kasturitilakojjvala : She who is the shining tilak of musk
66 kasturipujanarata : She who rejoices in the worship with musk
67 kasturipujakapriya : She who is the beloved of the worship with musk
68 kasturidahajanani : She who is the mother of the radiance of musk
69 kasturimrgatosini : She who delights deer with musk
70 kasturibhojanaprita : She loves food cooked with musk
71 kaarpuramodamodita : She who becomes extremely pleased from the offering
of camphor
72 karpuramalabharana : She who displays a garland covered by camphor
73 karpuracandanoksita : she who enjoys sandalwood mixed with camphor
74 karpurakaranahlada : She who gives the cause of joy with camphor
75 karpuramrtapayini : She who drinks the nectar with camphor
76 karpurasagarasnata : She who bayhes in the ocean of camphor
77 karpurasagaralaya : She who dissolves in the ocean of camphor
78 kurcabijajapaprita : She who loves recitation of the kurca bija mantra hum
79 kurcajapaparayana : She who always recites the kurca Bija Mantra Hum
80 kulina : She who is of excellent family
81 kaulikaradhya : She who is adored by practitioners of kulacara
82 kaulikapriyakarini : She who is the cause of love to the practioners of
kulacara, the behaviour of excellence
83 kulacara : She who is the behaviour of excellence
84 kautukini : She who is the joyous one
85 kulamargapradarsini : She who illuminates the path to excellence
86 kasisvari : She who is the joyous one
87 kastahartri : She who takes away all difficulties
88 kasisavaradayini : She who gives blessings to Siva, the lord of Kasi
89 kasisvarakrtamoda : She who causes the male lord to be intoxicated
90 kasisvaramanorama : She who is the beauty of the lord of Kasi
91 kalamanjiracarana : She who moves swiftly to remove darkness
92 kvanatkancivibhusana : She who has tinkling bells at her girdle
93 kancanadrikrtagara : She who dwells in the mountain of gold
94 kancanacalakaumudi : She who displays radiant wealth on the top of her cloth
95 kamabijajapananda : She who is the bliss of the recitation of bija mantra of
desire Krim
96 kamabijasvarupini : She who is the intrinsic nature of the bija mantra Krim
97 kumatighnikulinarttinasini : She who destroys the bad thoughts of worship
98 kulakamini : She who is the entire family of desires
99 krim : She who dissolves the subtle body into the casual body
100 hrim : She who is all of maya, what can be perceived through the senses,
conceived in the mind, or known through intuition and beyond
101 srim : She who is the ultimate respect, the perfect perception of peace in the
mind and peace in the heart.

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