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Thursday, May 27, 2010

KRISHNA EXISTS: Faith is person dependent by nilesh singh

Faith is always person dependent and This will always be a subject for debate for years & centuries..

Faith is person dependent by nilesh singh 

A. Jesus, Allah, Rama, krishna or any other so called god only exist of you have faith in it or else they are just a snap or scripture, so I belive that yes there was a civilization, there was a smart race which exist and they were very much aware of what will be tomorow and this is quite evident from the current practicies of Indian Society be it people who have converted themselves from Hindu to Muslims, Hindu to Christian or any other faith but their basic practice is same..

B. Evidence from Ayurveda/Yoga which is still not accepted by many scintists/ researchers that this could also be an alternative which is primarly because we have grown up with a psyche which teaches us "money is the only demoniation which equated your intellect" but the baisc foundation of the Indian culture was intelect is the only way but when ever we talk on the issue most of us start refering to India after 300 BC and they forget the past where you will find boundles of refrence on Astro science, natural science, Management etc.

Also its not congres who is responsible or RSS?BJP are custodians after independence..we all Know India was week and it was political compulsion to follow "Western Hegomony" or else we would have branded as North Korea or USSR or former germany.

So who so ever followed the path was also right.BUT ITS PITTY THAT TODAY WEST SAYS KRISHNA EXISTS THEN WE ALL SAY YES

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