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Sunday, May 16, 2010

God exists-Documentary evidences-Evidence-No.2-Mantralayam (the Mutt of Madhwa followers) by icshyderabad

God exists-Documentary evidences-Evidence-No.2-Mantralayam (the Mutt of Madhwa followers)
by icshyderabad

Evidence No.2 from the same place:

After the saint (He is in Jeeva Samaadhi-alive to all who believe-and abt 370 yrs since), the place known as Mantralayam (the Mutt of Madhwa followers), the Mutt was governed by different heads. 

I do not remember the year-but this is again documented evidence.

Andhra was not separate then-it was known as Madras province, and there was one English man by name Sir Thomas Munroe, who was collector of this region under reference. When there were certain doubts about the legitimacy of the Mutt owning the place, he did come to Mantralayam for enquiry. He spoke to the pontiff, and the greatest problem was that the pontiff was not understanding the language of the collector, and vice-versa. Even dubasis(translators) could not do the job perfectly. 

Ultimately the pontiff said-as it was Sri Raghavendra himself who got the land from the Nawad by royal decree, the collector better go and talk to the saint-who is already in Samadhi, and this is one thing Mr Munroe could not digest, as any one of us.

Neverthless he did go inside the shrine, and started asking questions-and Saint Raghavendra replied from inside the Samadhi in a language best understood by Mr. Munroe, and he was satisfied. Akshatas fell from no where into the hands of Mr Munroe, and he returned back happily to the camp office, and told the cook to add this to the rice used to prepare dinner that day.

This is available in Madras Government Gazette. I do have the Gazette Number also.

When Sir Thomas Munroe was the Collector of Bellary in 1800, the Madras Government ordered him to procure the entire income from the Math and Manthralaya village. When the Revenue officials were unable to comply with this order, Sir Thomas Munroe visited the Math for investigation. He removed his hat and shoes and entered the sacred precincts. Sri Raghavendraswamy emerged from the Brindavan and conversed with him for sometime, about the resumption of endowment.

The Saint was visible and audible only to Munroe who received Manthraksha. The Collector went back and wrote an order in favour of the Math and the village. This notification was published in the Madras Government Gazette in Chapter XI and page 213, with the caption ``Manchali Adoni Taluka''. This order is still preserved in Fort St. George and Manthralayam.

All the priests in the Math were much annoyed, because in spite of their long and sincere service, he did not give them darshan. That night, Guruji appeared in the dream of the chief priest and told him that as Prahaladha, he and Munroe were class-mates in Kritha Yuga and he was destined to perform this noble deed of solving the Math's problem. Hence the unique privilege.

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