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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hindus Concerned about Temple Attacks in New South Wales, Australia By Antony Thomas

Sunday, April 10th, 2011 | Posted by Editor
Hindus Concerned about Temple Attacks in New South Wales, Australia

By Antony Thomas


Shri Mandir Temple in Auburn, Australia
New South Wales, Austrailia (CHAKRA)– The Hindu community in New South Wales is concerned about recent attacks on the oldest and first Hindu temple of Australia.
The Sri Mandir Temple in Auburn, nearly three decades old, was recently attacked by two men in ski masks who were caught on camera firing shots at it in the middle of the night.
According to Rohit Revo, a resident of Sydney and editor of The Indian, a local newspaper–these attacks are not the first of its kind on the Sri Mandir Temple. There have been many similar attacks since 2004.
It is fortunate that no one has been killed in any of the attacks, but the growing number of violence towards the temple has left the priest and temple attenders in fear.
An investigation is currently going on according to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper in which it is stated that a local police spokeswoman said detectives were working closely with the temple and Hindu community to resolve the matter.
Last November, while worshippers were in the temple, two windows were shattered with the use of metal bars .
Jatinkumar Bhatt, the priest of the temple also states his concern because he has been previously harassed by local youth in the area but the shootings have left him more in fear and concerned with the motive of the attack. He is fearful for his family and friends and has gotten used to the egg and bottle throwing at the temple constantly but the shooting is not as easy to get used to.
Revo said that the footage caught on camera has been given to the police but police have not responded to it yet and have not been quick to do anything about the incident. Revo described that a few bullets hit very close to the main front entrance of the temple of which one bullet grazed the wall and hit the side emergency exit door.
Neighbours of the temple are also fed up of the violence towards the temple and have silently sent emails to temple officials showing their support, however they refuse to speak up in public due to fear. The bullet sizes were larger than usual, which was visible from the holes made in the doors.
During the November attack, many devotees were in the temple but were lucky to escape without getting hurt.

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