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Friday, April 22, 2011

Hindus in Pakistan – A People Without a Voice By Linda Brock

Hindus in Pakistan – A People Without a Voice

By Linda Brock

The Islamic State of Pakistan (Flag)

Lahore, Pakistan (CHAKRA) - Not only are Pakistani Hindus a people without a voice but also a people without an identity or existence to the outside world.  Most people are not even aware of the fact that about 2.5 million Hindus (about 2% of the total population according to the last census but this number is decreasing rapidly due to fear and is soon expected to be less than 1% ) exist in the Muslim majority Pakistan. The dwindling numbers of Pakistani Hindus are the result of a quiet and steady cultural genocide in a state that has little  ’Separation of Church and State’ .
Just before the end of colonial rule and independence in 1947, the land, which is now Pakistan comprised of about 26% Hindus out of its total population.  However, after the partition of India, the largest forced migration in human history resulted, during which large scale massacres took place.  Unfortunately, the 26% had dropped down to only 15% Hindus in Pakistan.
With such a high death toll and even greater rate of forced resettlements, many Hindus still chose to remain in their ancestral homeland and were promised protection by the Pakistani government.  Needless to say, the Hindu population of Pakistan, got no such protection, but instead were subject to persecution and had to live a daily life in fear—something they live with even to this very day.
The constitution and legal system created for Pakistan, openly discriminated against Hindus with a high level of crime and harassment against them.  Moreover, periods of tension between India and Pakistan were the worst times for Hindus in Pakistan, during which large numbers were killed and expelled by the Pakistani people, who were supported by the government.  Furthermore, in 1965 a law (The Enemy Property Act) was passed, which openly legitimized the confiscation of the property of Hindus whether it was their homes or temples that were destroyed. This also resulted in a great drop of the Hindu population.
During 1970 and 1971, a huge undocumented number of Hindus were massacred by the Pakistani army in which the estimated death toll was up to 3 million.  However, an actual study has never been done to determine the casualty figures.  In addition, during this time, millions of Hindu women were raped and killed.  It was not only one of the largest but also one the most ignored massacres in human history.
In 1977, Islamic Law was introduced by General Zia ul-Haq, who led a military coup in Pakistan.  This further excluded the Hindu minority in Pakistan creating an arena of open discrimination and hatred against people in their ancestral homes.
According to the facts of history, one would assume that there no longer remains a Hindu population in Pakistan.  Surprisingly, Hindus still exist in Pakistan, most of whom reside in the province of Sindh.  The Hindus of Pakistan, still today are threatened by constant discrimination and fear of the Pakistani people and their government.  Their security, property and lives are at risk on a day to day basis.  Hindus in Pakistan are forced to live in a state in which they cannot openly identify themselves as Hindus.  Their low profile existence, not only affects their self-identity but also, results in a misrepresentation of the number of actual Hindus in Pakistan, hence there is no exact percentage that is completely accurate.  They have become a people without a true identity.  Without an identity there exists no real voice.  Hindus in Pakistan are a people without a voice.  Unfortunately, human rights groups around the world and the international community takes no interest in helping these Hindus without a say.  Due to this, the Hindus of Pakistan remain a forgotten people for whom no help is available to voice their views and fears. 
If the outside community does not raise awareness and concern for the Hindus of Pakistan, they will remain a voiceless people and eventually cease to exist within the Pakistani population.  We must come together and help these Hindus without a voice.

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16 Responses for “Hindus in Pakistan – A People Without a Voice”
antriksha abhishek says:
August 21, 2010 at 8:05 pm
the cruelty of pakistan is at its peak against hindus, hindus temples r being vandalized n women being raped th heinous n torchorus life hindus r living is shame for we hindus living in india these son of bitch (pakistani) is making themselves hero in islamic world. they make tantrum n play with th indian emotions , time has come when we need to take hard action executing pakistan, annihilate sindh, baloch, rest kashmir. th war of nuclear, chemical, biological n spies love trap leakage should be done to teach thm hard lesson some of traitors of india shld be dealt like a gaotscape bargain on pakistan internal securities make thm cry of thr exterism hate thm so that they cant think th limit of hate, ploy n ruin pakistan militrary brass core make thm fight for everything, people shld n wll take hard lesson to support th unique nation with th distinction in bastardism, syophany, kreptomaniac, back stabber etc etc pak a land of pagan, hate……………………………………….. hate, no end
kashman says:
August 26, 2010 at 12:13 am
It is high time that India retaliated. They should not give favors to Muslims living in India,
damn the vote bank, muslims should not have equal rights India unless Pakistan reciprocates.
c’mon now fair is fair. Bdcause of past lineage the leders of the Indian Government have become spineless and cannot stand up to muslim atrocities. I say be aggressive to Muslims in India and discriminate agains them NOW
jayashankar says:
September 3, 2010 at 4:43 pm
Muslim peoples and countries done many worst things against toHindu Dharma and Hindu peoples, Pakistan is the major role on it.
In Pakistan, before and after freedom, faith Muslims following arabic faith and culture, they converted Hindu peoples to Islam on knife point, they killed millions of Hindus who is not following islam, they kidnapped thousands of Pakistani Hindu girls and forcibly converted and married to muslim youths, they demolished millions of temples in Pakistan land, they converted Lord Shiva temple to cow slaughter house, they killed millions of Hindu people’s hearts, reasons behind for all these devil things is Ex. Arabic faith Muslim Kings initially entered to Hindu Kingdom via Afghanistan in past centuries. In 1947 Pakistan’s Hindu population is 24% and now less than 2%.
Nowadays also the same things continuing by the support of all oil rich gulf countries’s financial helps, in each budget some percentage of funds were sending to Pakistan government to infiltrate terrorists to India through Kashmir, recently in Indian Kashmir they are life threatening Hindus and Sikhs to convert to Muslim, since decades millions of Indian Kashmiri Hindus killed and some of them gone away from Kashmir to protect their life. In 1947 Pakistan’s Hindu population is 24% and now less than 2%.
These all things hurting more than billion Hindus, that’s result is this 2010 flood in Pakistan. Why their Allah not stopped that flood ?
tarun says:
September 26, 2010 at 2:57 am
islam not to harm any people so why pakistani people and goverment behave like this .no one has answer for it .in india muslim situation is very good there population is increasing rapidly.
Rahul Thakur says:
October 3, 2010 at 8:27 am
Lets stop complaining and Start doing something:
Before coming to this article first i viewed total number of muslim countries and muslim population. Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity. While Hinduism is the third. India which first comprised of pakistan, nepal, bhutan, bangladesh has already lost these four countries.Now pakistan wants kashmir and china wants Arunachalpradesh. Now the leaders of the country(like Mahatma Gandhi) start to give away the parts of India then where shall we hindu’s go. I am really sad that india is divided from pakistan actually pakistan is our’s.It is Sad that Gandhiji gave away pakistan to pakistanis actually they should have been sent to Afghanistan.
Now how shall the hindus be protected in the pakistan region? Unless this question is asked through the media to the hindus all over the world there can’t be a definite solution to this problem.
Personally if you ask this question to me i will tell you that we can’t go and kill pakistani’s directly and protect our hindu’s but yes i can give you a long-term solution.The solution which iam going to give is not only to protect our hindus from paksitanis but even to protect all the hindus all over the world from racism which they suffer( Example : Australia).
My solution is this : Start working. Try to be the best in the work(career, interest ) you do. Become genius in the work you perform, may it be painting, singing, music, any profession or any business or any other field of interest. Let the hindu population spread all over the world. Become Rich, superb and dynamic. Multiply your number, enlarge your family,become rich so that you can support your large family. Follow your tradition as only human being benefits from the religion not vice-versa. Become leaders of your caste, religion.Become business leaders and high professionals.Be leaders create leaders. Today and for tommorow we want a large number of leaders and large number of army to protect our interest. Use all the techniques like yoga, ayurved, science and every thing. Start earnig a lot of money so that you can develop your friends, family, relaltives and others. Create armies , create support. Increase our hindu population and spread it all over the world. At the same time don’t cause any kind of damage to good muslims around you as violence is not good. Don’t increase unneccesarily hatred for them in your heart. Nor i support non-violence neither violence. I support self-defence which is armed which kills the bad and helps the good.We should not disturb people of other religions as there is no wrong in being a muslim. But we should be intellingent and powerful to protect our religion and ourselves.
Don’t let ego ruin your life.Be strong , intelligent, thoughtfull and peaceful. live let others live. But never let other rascals ruin your security and peace. So Start doing all that i have mentioned. I have given the best and number one solution. I challenge no man on this planet can give a better solution to this problem as it not only defends you from evil but also doesn’t let you do a crime in the name of religion, race and country.
Rahul Thakur says:
October 3, 2010 at 8:32 am
Sir Please read my article it will give you over all solution.
Mera solution RAMBAN hai, aur mein challenge kartha hoon e bath.
Aap ko patha hai duniya mein christianity aur Islam sabse badey religion kyun hai? mujhey patha hai.
Agar aap mera solution pe dhyan denge tho aapko is uttar ka bhi jawab mil jayega ki BJP ko kaise strong kiya ja saktha hai.
Dr. C.L.Narayan says:
November 4, 2010 at 4:58 pm
Hindus are the World’d Dalit community, suffered innumerable atrocity throughout history. What is most painful is that Hindus are not sensitive to suffering of their own brethren. In India, Muslims are privileged community, thanks to the ‘Vote Bank’ politics. Even at the slightest damage to the community, so many Teesta Seetalwads, Kuldip Nayars or Arundhati Roys would shout at their highest volume. But they would never care for any atrocities on Hindus. It is unimaginable that any one from Muslim Community would raise their voice in case of any atrocities on Hindu. If any one like Taslima Nasreen opens her voice on it, the person will find it difficult to live anywhere in World and even the ‘Secular’ India, where the motto is ‘atithi devo bhava’, will shut its door for him/her. Hindus are destined to suffer in perpetuity. Perhaps the God is also Muslim.
gotya says:
November 11, 2010 at 10:47 am
Only solution to this problem is to attack and attach Sindh of Pakistan. King Dahir was a hindu who ruled over Sindh and fought with Arab invaders for sufficient period.Mohd Bin Kasim was first Pakistani or Arab who attacked Sindh and converted hindus into muslims on a very large scale.Hindus were not united and muslims were treacherious.Hindus never fought collectively before 1947 and were only businessmen.Condition of hindus in Pakistan is bad partly due to British policy and timidness,hatred towards them by Nehru and MKGandhi.They were left orphan in Pakistan in lust of power by congress.Congress had nothing to do with the hardships faced by Hindus in Pak.That is the exact reason why Gandhi was murdered in 1948.Nehru saved because he was a PM with a tight security.
arun says:
November 22, 2010 at 8:01 am
pakistan has been killing many hindu people in their country but,we still did’n't kill any more muslim people in india.
narayanan says:
January 4, 2011 at 6:02 pm
It is sad that Hindus of Pakistan are systematically reduced and abused and world looks the other way. The Hindus of India does not care due to obvious reasons. Abraham Lincon attained immortality in the minds of people and in the eyes of God by Fighting and liberating few thousand Blacks even though it required the killing of several thousand of his own white people. It was one of the most romantic episodes of modern history of man. While India was being enslaved by Islamic forces, Divine intervention in the shape of Brition arrived saved Indian culture and way of life. Will the Americans and Europe pls stand up and save Hindus of Pakistan ,the gratitude of which will go a long way in our long relation ships as people of free thinking and champions of human rights.
manas thakur says:
March 1, 2011 at 5:21 pm
dharmo rakshati rakshit. unity, togetherness and cooperation is essential.
venkatanathen says:
March 3, 2011 at 5:38 pm
This is pity and faceoff for any religion. In the whole world the prediction of muslim growth will eventually subside any other religion and concept of humanity itself will be gone.
Extreme Great leader should release the potential threat and curb it. Hindu religion is one of foremost mankind’s. I guess that could be one of the reason, it go through this.
Indian politicians are already surrendered themselves with Gandhi family and Nehru, Gandhi’s aspirations was just reign in their period and no future thoughts to make this as a better nation.
They just split this nation into different parts, so Nehru can become PM. So frustrating, neither religion or country can do anything about it. We are wearing Humanity Hat.
One thing they can do is quit such a terrorist nation and move on to some other country, since there small portion can’t do about it
Tales and folklore about dharma is good hear but very difficult to implement.
gotya says:
March 4, 2011 at 11:06 am
This condition has come because Hindus in India are not united.Congress has divided hindus into differet creeds and caste.Non-brahmines are known as OBC and Dalits as SC /ST.Hate between brahmines and non-Brahmines is tremendous.Ambedkarwadis are another cutt in hindus.Though Muslims are highlightened and protected a nd projected as our models and leaders.See Shahrurh,Amir, Saif Ali and Salman,Fardin and Irfan, all muslims are uplifted as a part of deliberate vote-bank of congress.Congress is looting India money by large scams and corruption cases.Whlie cases are being filed against Sadhwi Pragya,Purohits and Adwani,Tharke and Joshi in Babri case.There must be an end to all theses non-sense otherwise our future generarion shall live in Moghul kingdom again.Secret battle must be fought with this congressmen and their muslim mastersOnce this is done, then We can do something for Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs.
Gour Mohanty says:
April 4, 2011 at 3:29 am
For this tragic state of the Hindus who else except we Hindus alone are responsible.When following Direct Action and Great Calcutta Killing and jehad of Hindus in Nuakhalli our pussilaminous pro-Muslim leaders like Gandhiji and Nehru surrendered before Jinnah and Pakisytan was created ..This happened when around 75% of the population were Hindus , who could have boldly resisted , but our great leaders timidly yielded .Dr Ambedkar and Dr Shyamaorasad Mukherji had agreed with Jinnah to have a total exchange of Civil population , so that all Muslims would have gone to Pakistan and all Hindus would have come to India.But the very Gandhiji and Nehru vetoed the proposal .Ultomately Muslims are eating their cake(India) and also having it (Pakistan).And Hindus are not only on the point of extermination in Pakistan and Bagladesh but are also being haunted and hounded by Muslims inside India (Kashmir).This has been the tragic consequence of Hindus for surrendering their conscience to foolish leaders .Even now it is not too late , and all Hindus must rise to the occasion and assert themselves to make India a Hindu Rashtra , where Hindus from anywhere can come and live peacefully .
kuldeep says:
April 9, 2011 at 3:44 pm
Hindus in pakistan is actually hindus in india. but unfortunately due to bad time of partition they forced to remain in the hell of evils. there is no real cause as people in india and pakistan should be different. but as we know that hindu religion never kill humanity as it is created by bhagwaan, to protect humanity, but muslims majority take disadvantage of their religion not only to kill hindus but also other religion. so thats why people in india not suffer more loke in pak. we also know what was india before 1947 what was it after 1947 and what will it in future. the bad things done by bad people will sure to suffer their bad things. so just stick to goodness not do bad things beleive in bhagwaan , one dat i am sure creator of the universe will help humanity and its goodness.
Krishna says:
April 15, 2011 at 8:27 am
Shajahan a great king, use to sleep with his own daughters!! It’s also an open secret that Taj Mahal was actaully Tejo Mahal – hindu temple of Lord Shiva. See how our own Hindus have been so stupid hailing the muslim community inur very own country. Let’s wait for the oil to be exhausted in their land where they would be the big community of beggers at INDIA feet. Don’t worry the day is near. Dubai is all ready at its edge counting the days!!

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