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Josh Schrei helped me understand G-O-D (Generator-Operator-Destroyer) concept of the divine that is so pervasive in the Vedic tradition/experience. Quantum Theology by Diarmuid O'Murchu and Josh Schrei article compliments the spiritual implications of the new physics. Thanks so much Josh Schrei.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Shrine of Shri Mata Pingla Devi Ji, Village Pinger, on Ramnagar-Rown road, Jammu Kashmir

Shrine of Shri Mata Pingla Devi Ji, Village Pinger, on Ramnagar-Rown road, Jammu Kashmir

“Mata Pingla Devi Ji” is popularly known as “Incarnation of Maa Durga”. The magnificent Shrine is nested amidst Shivalik range of mountains surrounded by pine trees from all sides. Shrine consists of a cave where Maa Pingla Devi Ji manifests in the form of Pindies.

Legend: Popular belief goes that Shepherd children of village came to graze their sheep and goats on the meadows where the shrine is located. A little girl used to provide food to them every day on the condition of anonymity. The shepherd children started skipping meals at home. On this their parents got suspicious and started keeping eye on them to know the reason. At the pasture they saw the small girl serving the meals to the children. When the girl realized that the secret has been revealed, she rushed to the cave from which she never emerged again. The shepherds entered the cave but saw only “The Pindies” along with other deities on the platform. This Cave came to known as Shrine of Maa Pingla.The name “Pingla” originates from the name of village “Pinger” where the shrine is located.

Another Legend goes like, that some hunters came to this jungle for hunting and they saw a lion entering the cave. They collected some firewood and burnt it at the mouth of the cave. But within no time the hunters were astonished to see that the lion came out of the cave after piercing the big rock. Then they entered the cave and saw Mata there. Light can be seen coming from this narrow hole in the cave from where the lion had gone out.


The entrance of cave is very narrow but inside it is spacious enough to accommodate more than two hundred persons. The “Dudhnu”- the vessel for boiling and “Karshee”-the large spoon for serving are still visible in the Shrine. These are supposed to be same from which Mata used to serve the shepherds. The “Dudhnu” is now used to collect water which is dripping from ceiling of cave. Devotees drink this water as “Charnamrit”-Holy water.

The Shrine has now become extremely popular with the devotees visiting shrine all the year around. During Navratras, there is huge rush of the Pilgrims who visit the Shrine to pay their obeisance and have blessing of Mata. Akhand Jyoti Committee Ramnagar-A Social organisation has been associated since 1987, with taking a large procession of devotees to the Shrine every year on Navratras to pray for the Peace, Communal Harmony and Development of Country. These Navratras more than 50,000 devotees have visited the Shrine.

How to Reach: 

To reach the Shrine, One needs to board the bus from Udhampur towards Ramnagar on Dhar Road where a link-road connects Rown with Ramnagar. One needs to get off the bus at Village Kough-the base camp of Maa Pingla Devi Ji. From Kough one needs to walk 6 km. on foot amidst lush green Pine trees to reach the Village Pinger where Shrine is located.

Another way is to move to Village Bainsta on Ramnagar-Rown road from where only on foot Journey of One and half km is left. However the road to Village Bainsta is still under construction. However authorities are hopeful to run a regular bus service to village Bainsta by the next-year.

The place is worth visiting, The Natural surroundings and the picturesque scenery gives a relief from the complexities of life. One feels quite blessed on visiting the Shrine and paying obeisance at the Shrine. The pilgrims feel cherished and quite energized even after undertaking a 6km mountainous journey.Pilgrims believe that all their worldly wishes are fulfilled and rewarded by the Mata Pingla Devi Ji.

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By asman hall – October 30, 2010

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