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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Haindava Keralam - global community of dedicated Hindu Keralites with a peace mission

Narmada Kumbh- Missionaries afraid of losing their 'Harvested Souls'
08/02/2011 14:59:52 HK

BHOPAL: Christian Missionaries started foul cry over the upcoming Narmada Kumbh festival Madhya Pradesh's Mandla district. Christian Missionaries afraid their life time efforts to deceive tribals will go futile and thousands of Tribals will reconvert back to Hinduism.

The Missionaries have approached the high court and the chief minister seeking protection to their life.The annual Maa Narmada Samajik Kumbh (Social Fair of Mother Narmada) is to be held Feb 10-12 in the tribal-dominated district on the banks of river Narmada.

"We are worried about our safety and security. Our attempt to get adequate protection from the state government received a very cool response," Bishop Gerald Almeida of Jabalpur said. Father Anand Muttungal, spokesperson of the Catholic Church in the state, also met Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and sought security for the community.

Tribals across the Nation need protection not from Hindus of their own religion but from cunning Missionaries who are only interested in blind number game of conversion. The agenda of Missionaries in Tribal areas are not of their any sort of welfare but selfish motives of conversion to justify the foreign funds received by them.

15/02/2011 10:21:13 Criminal souls
What these criminal missionaries are doing?They quote one line of the bible "lead every one to my way".It actually means the way of love.It does not tell to convert all other Religions.But the criminal minded missionaries have been misusing this phrase just for money.
If so, we can quote from Hinduism or even from Indian Judiciary which asks for punishment to criminals .Quoting this if we start punishing all these criminals, will they accept.Bible also ask to love your neighbor. If I love my Christian neighbor's wife, will he accept it?
11/02/2011 03:09:47 Kerala the land of BPO- outsourcing Jihadis and evil minded christian evangalist

Sopore girls part of Christian group, says Kerala evangelist

The case of the murder of two teenaged sisters by suspected militants in Sopore has a new twist. Paul Ciniraj Mohammad, a Christian evangelist based in Kerala’s Kottayam district, has claimed that “the girls were active participants of an underground Christian group.
Desert Fox
11/02/2011 02:43:02 Narmadha kumbh missionaries afraid
George have you heard of one brute called Francis Xavier ? Do you know what he did in Goa ? He burnt thousands of Hindu men, women and children in the name of the battered jew on the cross. Even pregnant women were not spared. He presided over an orgy of violence, rape, burning and torture. Read about the Gan Inquisition and I am sure you will renounce your wretched religion of violence.
10/02/2011 03:37:37 Kerala Brain behind all Terrorism!!
Christian & Muslim Terrorism are outsourcing from Kerala. Whereever conversion happens their should be a Malayalee brain. Following all Kerala Hindu treadition as Christian treaditon to cheat poor people of other state.
10/02/2011 00:04:08 narmada kumbh
Tribals were branded with the name as 'ADIVASI'while they are actuall to be called as 'VANAVASI' becouse they live in forest as dwellers.Government set up 'SANCTORIUMS FOR ANIMALS AND BIRDS'' calling the protected zone as ''SARANALAYAM' where the animals and birds have surrendered in the forest temple mostly worshipped by vanavasis. These gods of vanavasis are all nature like mountains, sun, fire or water falls, vrukshams ( trees) and stones.Hindus belief is only on nature and its adi devathas like nagas,durga and vrukshams ( trees). So vanavasis are only hindus. Christian missionaries mislead them by telling that they should not worship nature. so christianity destroy the nature, forest,ecological balances in our country by building tall churches by unrooting trees becouse they are afraid villagers would worship trees if any miracles happen.Lord Krishna unrooted two arjun trees which later turned out to be the two sons of kubera and due to curse of some rishi, they were in the form of trees.
09/02/2011 19:01:59 RETURN.
The LIARS are going on preaching morality,ten commandments.And from the back door liars goes on doing just the opposite.When these people knock at your door,remember,they bring their stupidities and immoral activities with them.
'Jesus is the only begotten son of God'
If it is so,everybody would recognise him.You need not be concerned about conversion !
Dear Missionary,everybody comes from God.How can Jesus be Son of God exclusively ? Whole existence comes from God !
If you are not realizing it,Hindus need some resistance .Whatever Missionaries have done ,in the same coin they will be repaid.Whatever SIN they have sown,they will have to reap it.It is the law of Karma,you can't alter it.What I mean is 'The three years ministry' is over now...Jesus is not at all interested in conversion but he is interested in RETURN. Return means REPENT and repent means return.RETURN BACK TO YOUR OWN BEING.Jesus is only interested in return,not in conversion.Conversion is a wrong standpoint.Stop it and Return !!
09/02/2011 13:54:12 Third class suvishesham of flourishment
Mr george,

I am working in a gulf country.i have so many christian friends from egypt,lebanon and syria.they are even afraid to say we are christians publicly.persecution is so high in these arab areas.but they are not flourishing but dwindling in nos.they are fastly converting to islam.population of christians going down to down.every day churches attacked.not even allowing to celebrate christmas.look at the situation in pakistan.why you are not protesting.missionery devils are harvesting those people who are tolerating.now it is difficult for them in india also only because of sangh.Even though they have the support of italian congress their graph is towards down.so search for soft target like africa.go and tell your flourishing suvishesham to these hopeless africans.
09/02/2011 09:50:00 Narmadha kumbh missionaries afraid
Let the chstians congregate inside the churches and a police man is posted near the gate to see no one enter the church till the festival is over and no tribal is imprisoned inside the church.
09/02/2011 09:00:32 J.George- Thy Name is Ignorance, Nay Arrogance!
When Hindus are getting the feeling of persecution the come back with a bang. Like what Adi Shankara did for Hindus from Budhist.
The same persecution is happening in India under the guardian angel of christians, Sonia Maino, blatant conversion through money and indulging in inquisition in north east like the Goa inquisition.

The following is from Wikipedia:

In Kerala, land to build churches was often donated by Hindu kings and Hindu landlords. Later European colonialists brought about large scale missionary activity. Many indigenous cultures were converted to Christianity.... they were coerced. The Goan Inquisition is pointed out as a blot in the history of Goa.

Aggressive proselytizing by Christian missionaries under British rule was a cause of resentment among Hindus in the 19th century, who felt that their cultures were being attacked. This was one of the several causes of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 against the British Raj. The role of the Anglican padres and chaplains in that conflict is recounted in William Dalrymple's The Last Mughal.

The Government of the state of Tripura has claimed that it has evidence that the Baptist Church of Tripura has been supporting the terrorist group National Liberation Front of Tripura. The NLFT is a separatist group that has been accused of forcing tribals to become Christians and has banned Hindu festivals

The Portuguese Goa supported the mission in India with incentives for baptized Christians. They offered rice donations for the poor, good positions in the Portuguese colonies. As a result of these incentives many converted Indians were OPPORTUNISTIC RICE CHRISTIANS, who practiced their old religion alongside Christianity.This was seen as a threat to the immaculateness of the Christian belief. St. Francis Xavier, in a 1545 letter to John III of Portugal, requested an Inquisition be installed in Goa. However the Inquisition, considered one of the most violent institutions in the History of Goa targeted Hindus.
09/02/2011 07:53:42 drain them financially
I think some hindu organisations must coach these tribals to make huge demands for conversion and after enjoying it they must soon be reconverted in one of the melas.By this we can alleviate poverty.They can go through many conversion/reconversion cycles and make a living out of it.I dont think there is any govt document to be signed while converting.
09/02/2011 06:54:28 Up yours
George. Well you would see when hindus were persecuted, others disappeared.Haven't you read indian history or maybe the convert that you are, you were busy reading about the French revolution rather than indian mutiny for one minute.

George, you started this dance and we would finish it in a befitting way. You would be checked by every means possible. You would either behave with civility or would get two between your cheeks
Dr.Vijaya Rajiva
09/02/2011 04:39:19 To Shri George
The shoe is now on the other foot !

The history of official Christianity has been one of violence and conquest.
GSK Menon
09/02/2011 03:33:04 Narmadha kumbh missionaries afraid
Beware of the cunning missionary gangs, they are capable of creating a ruckus like Kandhmal and maligning Hindus. Hindus and tribals should be on high alert to apprehend characters like Raphael Cheenath(bishop of cuttack)who will be out to create a communal riot.
Let a reconversion mela be organised, what the Padres have been doing we will do.
09/02/2011 02:21:29 Ridiculous complaint
The complaint from the missionaries is ridiculous. How can a Kumbh Mela be a threat to their personal safety. They any way would not be there during the event. And the Tribals are free to attend any function/mela of their choice.

Unless these missionaries plan to infiltrate the Kumbh Mela, and then try their dirty tactics during the event, there is nothing to worry.
08/02/2011 22:54:03 Why afraid?
Why they are afraid? For what? By conducting Kumba Mela, are they going to be driven out of Madhya Pradesh? I do not understand the logic behind asking for security for their property and lives.

This kind of false fear and propaganda should be nipped in the bud.
08/02/2011 22:07:13 Good
I wish the Narmada Kumbha festival all success.
Dr.Vijaya Rajiva
08/02/2011 15:59:23 Go Hindus, go !
The tribals have always been part of Hindu society before the two Occupations (Islamic and British).

Apart from all that, these Kumbh festivals are deeply inspiring to all Hindus everywhere.
J George
08/02/2011 15:11:50 When Christians were Persecuted - Christianity Flourished - See the History
Persecution of Christians as a consequence of professing their faith can be traced both historically and in the current era.

Early Christians were persecuted for their faith, at the hands of both Jews from whose religion Christianity was an offshoot, and the Roman Empire which controlled much of the land early Christianity was distributed across. This continued from the 1st century until the early 4th, when the religion was legalized by Constantine I.

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