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Friday, February 4, 2011

108 Names of Durga Mata

108 Names of Durga Mata

[S'iva speaks] O Pa-rvati-, the One Who has a lotus-like face! I am telling You those one-hundred and eight names, by the means of which Durga- or Sati- can be pleased.

1) Sati-, the daughter of Daksha;

2) Sa-dhvi-, the Sanguine;

3) Bhavapri-ta-, loved by the universe;

4) Bhava-ni-, the abode of the universe;

5) Bhavamocani-, the absolver of the universe;

6) A-rya-;

7) Durga-;

8 ) Jaya-;

9) A-dya-, the beginning reality;

10) Trinetra-, having three-eyes;

11) S’u-ladha-rini-, holding a monodent;

12) Pina-kadha-rini-, Who holds the trident of S’iva;

13) Citra-;

14) Chandaghanta-, having bells, inspiring fear;

15) Maha-tapa-, with severe penance;

16) Manas, mind;

17) Buddhi, wisdom;

18) Ahan’ka-ra-, pride;

19) Chittaru-pa-, thought-state;

20) Chita-, death-bed;

21) Chiti, the thinking mind;

22) Sarvamantramayi-, possessing all the instruments of thought;

23) Satta-, above all;

24) Satya-nandasvaru-pini-, eternal bliss;

25) Ananta-, infinite or beyond measure;

26) Bha-vini-, beautiful woman;

27) Bha-vya-, future;

28) Bhavya-, with splendor;

29) Abhavya-, improper or fear-causing;

30) Sada-gati, always bestowing Moksha (salvation);

31) S’a-mbhavi-, consort of S’ambhu;

32) Devama-ta-;

33) Chinta-, thoughts;

34) Ratnapriya-, adorned or loved by jewels;

35) Sarvavidya-, abode of knowledge;

36) Dakshakanya-, that is Sati-, daughter of Daksha;

37) Dakshayaj‘avina-s’ini-, destroyer of the sacrifice of Daksha;

38) Aparna-;

39) Anekavarna-, having many complexions (for example: Ka-li-, Gauri-);

40) Pa-tala-, red in color;

41) Pa-tala-vati-, wearing a red-color apparel;

42) Patta-mbaraparidha-na-, wearing a dress made of leather;

43) Kalama‘ji-rara‘jini-, wearing a melodious anklet;

44) Ameyaa-, immeasurable;

45) Vikrama-, fierce;

46) Kroor(h)aa-, cruel (on demons);

47) Sundari-;

48) Surasundari-;

49) Vanadurga-;

50) Ma-tan’gi-;

51) Matan’gamunipu-jita-, prayed by Sage Matan’ga;

52) Bra-hmi-;

53) Ma-hes’vari-;

54) Chaindri-;

55) Kauma-ri;

56) Vaishnavi 57) Cha-munda-;

58) Va-ra-hi-;

59) Lakshmi-;

60) Purusha-kriti, taking the form of a man;

61) Vimalotkarshini-, providing joy;

62) J‘a-na-;

63) Kriya-;

64) Nitya-, eternal one;

65) Buddhida-, bestower of wisdom;

66) Bahula-, numerous in forms;

67) Bahulaprema-, generously benevolent;

68) Sarvava-hanava-hana-, sits or rides all vehicles;

69) Nis’umbha-S’umbha-Hanani-, slayer of the demon-brothers S’umbha and Nis’umbha;

70) Mahisha-sura-Mardini-, slayer of the bull-demon (mahisha-asura) Mahishaasura;

71) Madhu-Kaitabha-Hantri-, slayer of the demon-duo Madhu and Kaitabha;

72) Chanda-Munda-Vina-shini-, destroyer of the ferocious asuras Chanda and Munda;

73) Sarva-suravina-s’a-, destroyer of all demons;

74) Sarvada-navagha-tini-, possessing the power to kill all the demons;

75) Sarvas’a-stramayi-, deft in all theories;

76) Satya-;

77) Sarva-stradha-rini-, possessor of all the missile weapons;

78) Anekas’astrahasta-, possessor of many hand weapons;

79) Aneka-strasya Dha-rini-, possessor of many missile weapons;

80) Kuma-ri-;

81) Ekakanya-;

82) Kais’ori-;

83) Yuvati-;

84) Yati-;

85) Apraur(h)-ha-, who never gets old;

86) Praur(h)-ha-, who is old;

87) Vriddhama-ta-, old mother (loosely);

88) Balaprada-, bestower of strength;

89) Mahodari-, gigantic abdomen which stores the universe;

90) Muktakes’a-, having open tresses;

91) Ghoraru-pa-, having a fierce outlook;

92) Maha-bala-, having immense strength;

93) Agnijva-la-, poignant like fire;

94) Raudramukhi-, having a fierce face like universe-destroying Rudra-;

95) Ka-lara-tri-;

96) Tapasvini-;

97) Na-ra-yani-; the destructive aspect of Lord Na-ra-yana (Lord Vishnu);

98) Bhadraka-li-;

99) Vishnuma-ya-;

100) Jalodari-, abode of the ethereal universe;

101) S’ivadu-ti-;

102) Kara-li-, fierce;

103) Ananta-, immeasurable;

104) Parames’vari-;

102) Ka-tya-yani-;

106) Sa-vitri-;

107) Pratyaksha-;

108) Brahmava-dini-.

Those who daily read these 108 names (Ashtottara-Shatana-m) from Durga- Stotram, find nothing impossible in the three worlds [Swarga (heaven), Martya (earth) and Pa-ta-la (world under the earth)]

They receive benefits like wealth, luxury, offspring and lineage, elephants, four things ‘ dharma, artha, kaam, moksha, and in the end are liberated eternally.

Having prayed and meditated upon Devi-, Kumari-, and the Goddess of demi-gods, worship Her with devotion using this stotra.

O Goddess! The king who prays in the above manner and attains perfection (siddhi), attains his kingdom, and splendor back from everyone including the demi-gods.

Those who write a yantra (diagram) of this stotra with Gomu-tra (literally cow’s urine), A-lta- (a red color pigment), Kun’kuma, Sindu-ra, Camphor, and Honey, and keep it in hand, becomes similar to S’iva [as a devotee].| The one who writes and recites this eulogy during Bhauma new moon night attains every worldly luxury.

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